Cinzia Primatesta: Surya Deva dedicated to the deep well-being

The care and presence of Cinzia, Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo's wife, can be felt throughout the Laqua Charme & Boutique. Her strong and creative personality, vision and philosophy is visible in every corner of our home overlooking the wonderful scenery of the Sorrento peninsula. Our guests get to share in all of this and their hearts will be left with a memorable mark. A simple romantic getaway actually becomes something they'll never forget.

Here's an interview with Cinzia about the important wellness and spirit renewal projects created exclusively for the Laqua Charme & Boutique.

Tell us about the Laqua Charme & Boutique, the beach house you opened in 2012.

Laqua is much more than a boutique hotel. It's an emotional journey, a refreshment for the senses, the essence of relaxation and our first project after our adventure with Villa Crespi on Lake Orta. Each of the six comfortable rooms is elegantly furnished with a contemporary, Feng Shui design and is complete with a private terrace and Jacuzzi. The position has been studied because we wanted to enjoy as much natural light by day as we could as well as to have the chance of admiring the magnificent sunsets as the sun disappears among the waves of the Gulf of Sorrento. Laqua Charme & Boutique also has a small and intimate Surya Deva Wellness Suite. Laqua is the expression of our love, Antonino and me, for the Sorrento coast, a land rich in art, natural beauty and gastronomic treasures.

The Surya Deva Wellness Suite seems to have similarities with the Wellness Suite at the Relais & Chateaux Villa Crespi.

Yes, that's right! Both are linked by a profound analogy, the union of two elements and two territories so distant yet complementary at the same time. “Wellness” at Villa Crespi comes under the name of Chandra Deva, the Moon Goddess, while Laqua carries the name of Surya Deva or the God of the Sun. I've strongly believed in these two projects and the idea of proposing a moment of well-being in our two homes in the north and south of Italy. A moment to relax and rediscover the harmony of one's own true self.

What does the Surya Deva Wellness Suite offer?

The Surya Deva Wellness Suite is an intimate, quiet area which includes a salt water pool heated to 34°C/93°F, a multi-sensory shower with chromotherapy and a Finnish sauna as well as a room dedicated to massages where those staying at the Laqua can relax and trust the expert hands of our therapist to take care of them.

What wellness "journey" can your guests experience at the Laqua Charme & Boutique?

Every day guests from all over the world come to our home in the Sorrento peninsula. Each of them with his and her own culture and diversity is special and unique, just as unique as the experience we wish to inspire to those who come to Laqua Charme & Boutique. The "journey" is studied and customized according to the needs of each guest and his or her stay. We recommend an initial consultation with our therapist, Jessica, who'll offer some valuable advice about your body and soul. All the treatments have been studied and reflect our philosophy of wellbeing, like the ingredients of our territory for natural and eco-friendly cosmetics. Each experience is tailor-made for each guest. Even if you stay for a one-night romantic getaway, indulge in an exclusive massage or treatment and give your body and soul an unforgettable pampering. I've always been mindful about all that is natural and that's why we've chosen a line of cosmetic products with 100% natural ingredients of our peninsula, together with plants and flowers of India. A union and common thread in every detail brings our two wellness "corners", Villa Crespi and Laqua, together.

What do you mean by wellbeing when you talk about psycho-physical wellbeing?

It's a very profound idea of feeling good; our focus shouldn't only be on our physical health but our mental health must be considered too. There needs to be a correct equilibrium between these two precious principles. Food isn't the only thing that gives us energy and nourishment; equally important are our feelings and emotions which also sustain our daily lives.

If I correctly nourish myself wth food, feelings and emotions, I'll learn to face life with a smile and in peace. And most importantly, my personal and mental health with be complete.

What would you recommend to guests who are interested in trying this golden experience?

It's very important that you let our therapist help you better understand and listen to your inner-self as she teaches you how to examine it correctly and to become aware of your needs so you can achieve a perfect psycho-physical balance.

Personally, I've had the chance of trying each treatment offered in the exclusive SPA Brochure and each one left me with something new and special; all treatments have been designed to leave a lasting impression.

For example, I really enjoyed the "Laqua Massage", an exclusive in-water experience. It's like a primordial element which helps evoke an idea of the protection offered by the womb. A profound moment of connection with yourself, where your mind relaxes and the perception of your body becomes light. You're cradled as you are "rocked" by our therapist in a saltwater pool heated to 34°C/93°F.

On the other hand, the new Ode alla Dea or "Ode to the Goddess" facial treatment is a unique and rare experience for the care and beauty of your face and head. A luxurious facial treatment with antique roses from Pompeii with their countless properties. The perfect treatment for your skin and nervous system. Rich in precious vitamins, this treatment helps to rebalance your skin's pH as it reduces redness, stimulates micro-circulation and reverses signs of aging. The intense perfume of these luscious roses works on your nervous system and restores a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Is there anything suitable for the well-being of couples?

Absolutely! We've perfected a two and a half hour "journey" for couples. The "Surya Deva exclusive - a corner dedicated to profound wellbeing" is great to regenerate your mind and body. This treasured moment includes a purpuree of nuts and dried fruit, a selection of local, farm fresh cut seasonal fruit, a vast assortment of teas and herbal teas, herbal infusions from the Sorrento peninsula and two one-hour massages for each guest. This is perfect for those wanting to rediscover their equilibrium together. A moment to be shared with the person they love. Intertwining hearts into a single and intense emotion ...

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto of the Island of Capri is a natural sea cave of the Island of Capri.

The Grotto is famous all over the world thanks to the bright azzure color of the water inside the cave that is due thanks to the sunlight which enters inside the cavern through an underwater opening which islocated exactly under the cave's mouth.

The eternal and romantic Blue Grotto of the Island of Capri was discovery by two German tourists who visited Capri in 1826: the book writer Augusto Kopisch and the painter Ernesto Fries.

It would be, according to the legend, the notary Giuseppe Pagano, who accompanied the two German tourists in the exploration of the island and would have used the name of " Blue Grotto " to praiese the already impressive work that nature had created.

Known by the inhabitants of Capri with the different name "Grotta di Gradola" because it was located near the old Gradola airport. It was avoided by inhabitants of Capri because according to the local myths and legends was inhabited by monsters and witches and therefore considered magical and scary.

The "Blue Grotto" is 25 meters long and 60 meters long with a high entrance less than a meter, to access the cave you have to stand out on one of the characteristics capresi rowing boat that glide through the small arch.

Once entered, it immerses itself in a suggestive scenery that leaves breathless. Initially preceded by a dark environment that slowly fuses ahead of thousands of shades of blue, thanks to the clear and almost transparent caprice waters that are reflected in its rock walls.

A romantic and imperdible visit suggested with your beloved in a tour in Capri Island during your stay at Laqua Charme & Boutique.