Positano: The jewel of the Amalfi coast

Surronded by Vico Equenseís mountains on a side and lapped by the blue light waters of the Meditereane sea on the other, Positano with its pastel-colored houses stacked one to the each other is one of the most acclaimed and visited town of the Amalfi Coast.

An ancient legend says it had been founded by the greek god of the sea as a declaration of his love for the beautiful nymph Pasitea.

Positano is the ì Vertical ì village of Italy, infact the town develops in a vertical way following by steep incline of the mountains rising sheer from the sea.

A lot of poets and writers in the past have taken inspiration from its beauty and in itr was one of the most requested place all over the world for the vacation of the roman imperators and the travel of The Grand Tour.

The homes are painted with gaudy and pawerful colours. It gives the impression of a precious stone with multicolour reflections and narrow streets.

The heart oh the village of Positano is very closed to the beatch of ìMarina Grandeî.

The little streets are sourronded from restaurants and boutiques where people can found the typical, handmade products like dresses that in the last 50 years has created a real fashion style known as "Positano Fashion".

From the centre of the city it is possible admire the overlapping buildings as colored boxes that explain why Positano is known as the ìVertical Cityî.

The unique charm of Positano also comes from its relative isolation over famous cities such as Amalfi and Sorrento.

The road extending along the mountainous Amalfi Coast passes above the center and the long descent prevents many tourist buses from venturing to the city.

Otherwise, Positano can be reach by sea very easly by boat , so in the same time people can admire the beautiful view that this panorama reserve us.

One of the best reasons to visit Positano are its beautiful beaches "Spiaggia Grande" is the main and most well known and is located in the center of the city.

Nestled in a bay with panoramic views of the Li Galli Islands and the watchtower, Fornillo is a popular beach among the local population.

A vist of this small village in the Amalfi coast is a very experience during your romantic escape in Italy at Laqua Charme & Boutique.