The town of Naples, in the Italian region of Italy, far only 45 km from Laqua Charme & Boutique, the programme of the new season of theatrical shows of the years 2018/2019 the Theater of Naples “Teatro Stabile di Napoli” has choosen the name of “ Tutto il Teatro che Vuoi”, “ All the theatre you want”.

A very rich and programme of concerts, ballets, theatrical performances and musical dance events will be scheduled for a new interessant theatre season.

The operas will be reinterpreted by international scene – directors, choreographers, artists, architects and set designers, experts in video-writing and lighting creators alongside different generations and sensibility and will be on scene from October,18th to May,19th 2019.

Nationally and internationally renowned artists, directors and dancers will be alternated on stage.

Significant time and space is also given to modern andcontemporary art thanks to the reviwe “stabiledanza”, from March,09th to March 17th 2018 in the theathers: Politeama, Mercadante, San Ferdinando e Ridotto and the incredible creations of some of the most important contemporary dance choreographers in Italy and all countries of the world.

Un unmissable event will be in Pompeii with the kermesse of event: Pompeii Theatrum Mundi.

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