One of the most awaited Christmas events all over Italy is back again: “Luci D’Artista 2018/2019” of the city of Salerno.

The colored lights of Salerno are some spectacular exhibitions of artworks which illuminate with their twinkling the streets, squares and every single corners of Salerno town, where fantasy becomes reality by leaving all the people in the audience breathless.

Every lighting equipment has got a specific theme: the enchanted gardens, the most loved fairy tales, the planetary constellation, the astronomical phenomena, the suggestions of the East, the circus movements, the sails and the sea.

The “Luci D’Artista” of Salerno will take place from November, 11th 2018 until the end of January 2019 in Salerno. At the event there will also be the Christmas markets which sell local and Christmas traditional products open from December, 6th 2018 to January, 8th 2019.

Furthermore, there will be again this year for all the kiddies the Ferris wheel, Santa’s house and the Sand Nativity exhibition, open to the public from December, 8th 2018 to January, 8th 2019.

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