Once again, the city of Naples, in the Campania Region of Italy, continues to prove to be one of the most famous cities of art in Italy. From 11th to 14th October 2018 the city will host the 23rd edition of the festival “Artecinema”. This festival will celebrate the most important contemporany artists over the last half century.

The Film Festival about contemporany art was created with the intention to promote, publish and share the goal of disseminating contemporary culture with an emphasis on this particular type of art.

An invaluable selection of documentary, about the lives of some of the most famous artists, photographers and performers, will be presented and ubdivided into the different sections: “Arte e Dintorni” and “Architettura e Fotografia”.

Various films documenting the recording of the artists’ lives will be projected by using biographies, life stories and films the lucky visitors to appreciate the world of contemporary art.

A wonderful opportunity for the art lovers in the city of Naples for an interesant Itinerant art day during a romantic and regenerating autumnal escape at Laqua Charme & Boutique in the Sorrentine peninsula.

The detailed program of the event will be available online in the next few days.

For further information about the event, please consult the website: https://www.artecinema.org/