“Incontri di Vini e Sapori Campani” is a special tasty event who having now reached the ninth edition, has a programme characterised by  large number of activities  aimed to improve the  the promotion and development of enogastronomic excellences of the Italian Region, Campania.

For this special event a lot of interactive exhibits, workshops, culinary shows, entertainment shows, art exhibitions, , film projections, book presentations and music shows will be been organize.

The main purpose of the is to create  a is a connection between the production companies , the wholesale distributors and investment promotion bodies” contributes to the development of  enogastronomic tourism of the Campania Region.

The special event “Incontri di vini e sapori campani” is dedicated to the best in Campania’s regional food and wine offerings  and will be staged in the characteristic setting of Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento from September,14th to September,16th 2018.