In Atrani, the smallest rural village in Italy embedded in the fairy Amalfi Coast, its most  beautiful areas turn to a big open-air theatre hosting the show “La Notte di Masaniello”, on Saturday 2nd September 2018.

Tommaso Aniello D’Amalfi, named Masaniello, became famous in 1647, as on 7th July he started the Neapolitan revolt against the Spanish monarchy who taxed unfairly and undemocratically all Neapolitans in those years. His reputation became very renowned and his deeds were sources of inspiration for all the revolts in the world.

He was killed during an attempt on his life, on 16th July, ten days later from the beginning of the revolt. He was only 27 years old. After his death, he became immediately the symbols of the following Neapolitan revolts against the Spanish monarchy.

All the visitors who will take part in this event, will be able to live a unique experience, a trip back in time by walking through the narrow streets in Atrani. And it’s right here, in these streets, where they will able to revive the great life of Masaniello.

The event will be also characterized by a tasty gastronomic itinerary, where all the participants will enjoy the traditional local dishes of Atrani.