For the little village Agerola, in the Campania Region of Italy not so far from the Amalfi Coast, the home production of Fior Di Latte cheese is an historic and important tradition passed down from generation to generation producted with care and precision.

The Fior di Latte cheese is a semi-soft, fresh cheese. It looks like the Italian Mozzarella Cheese. The cow’s milk cheese is produced with a careful and meticulous craftsmanship. This tasty cheese is more smooth than the mozzarella cheese and extremely fresh and little tangy in flavour.Thanks to its elastically textured cheese the Fior di Latte cheese finds its way of use in cooking mostly on the pizzas and other over based dishe productions because of its superb and fresh melting characteristics. It’s also very used on local aptisers in the Caprese salads dishes or simply fresh salads.

In the little village of Agerola, in Vico Equense, there is a special kermesse of events dedicated to the production of the Fior di Latte cheese. One of the most important homemade product of the village.

The festival is a true experience at the discouver of the local typical products of Agerola, of the customs and traditions and the unforgettable views on the Mountains of Monti Lattari.

From August, 04th to 06th 2018, this “tasty event” will take place with a very huge programme rich in music and dancing shows, local products and gastromy in the charateristc village of Agerola with its unforgettable view on the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno.

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