The Fusillo Felittese is a typical pasta dish charateristic of Fellittese, an attractive village in Salerno in the Campania Region of Italy.

The Fellittese fusillo is a fresh egg handmade pasta reproduced with a laborious manual production  passed down fromgeneration to generation realized, with the help of a  silver iron wire and it’s a poor cookery with simple ingredients: durum-wheat semolina, eggs and extra virgin olive oil.

This excellence dish was prepared for the special occasions and in the years the homemade preparation of Fusilli from Fellittese and over time has become one of the main characteristic of Felitto village included in the list of Italian traditional agro-food products by the Campania Region.

Every year from 1976 there is a special fest for this tasty product called “Sagra del Fusillo Fellittese”.

The event was created with the purpose to increase the history and traditions in the reference territory and of this special dish with an high programm of events rich in culinary history events and a lot of music, enterteiments, traditions and folkoristics shows.

This year the event is scheduled to take place from August, 11th to August, 21st 2018.

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