Fireworks of the Assumption at Ferragosto - August 15th 2018

Among one of the most anticipated events during the warm summer evenings along the Amalfi and Sorrento coast are the "fireworks of the Assumption" on the evening of Ferragosto" or August 15th.

They create a unique and captivating show, where the stunning view of the coast is illuminated by sparkling colors blended with the clear, cobalt blue waters characteristic of this enchanted territory.

August 15th, all along the Sorrento peninsula and Amalfi coast, is a day of celebration and fun with numerous music events and tasty local specialties. Hundreds of boats, coming from all over the coast, will surround the pontoon entrusted to the firework masters and reminiscing of the old life in the village when it was simply a fishing village and base for the cyanciole and lampare (torch-fishing) boats before it became an international tourist destination.

A unique show of its kind.

Pyrotechnic Fireworks along the Gulf of Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, the perfect occasion for a romantic setting. The ideal backdrop for those looking for the right moment for a memorable, romantic and unforgettable marriage proposal.


Easter 2018 on the Sorrento Peninsula: from folklore to tradition

Every year, Holy Week is definitely the most awaited week in Sorrento. There are numerous events and religious rituals throughout the peninsula, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and tradition able to arouse intense emotions for all its visitors.

It all starts on the Sunday before Easter, "Palm Sunday" which celebrates the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into the city of Jerusalem praised with “Hosanna” by the crowds of people ready to greet him with festive palm leaves. On this Sunday, olive and palm branches adorned with colored almond confetti and ribbons to be kept through the year as a symbol of peace are blessed; sometimes, they are even exchanged with relatives and friends.

From Monday to Holy Thursday, there are numerous local religious representations, such as that of Monday called Via Della Croce. A theatrical event taking place along the streets of Meta with over 200 participants depicting the "Passion of Christ" - from the betrayal of Judas to the death.

The "pride and joy" of Holy Week along the peninsula is surely the processions of the incappucciati (hooded and cloaked figures who stroll through the night) on Good Friday. This tradition has been handed down from generation to generation and dates back to the 1500s.

Between Thursday and Friday, there are over 20 processions taking place in different towns along the Sorrento peninsula. The two most famous are certainly the procession of the Incappucciati Bianca and the procession of the Incappucciati Nera di Sorrento.

The Processione Bianca, or White Procession, is a procession of the Incappucciati Bianchi as they wind their way through the narrow streets and main roads of Sorrento from the late evening until the early hours of dawn's first light on Good Friday. It symbolizes the wandering of the Madonna from the moment Jesus was captured until his crucifixion and is considered a procession of hope.

The Processione Nera, or Black Procession, creates an intense visual and dramatic impact and takes place in the evening on Good Friday. It evokes the earthly death of Christ and represents his path to his burial. He is followed by Maria Addolorata or the Sorrowful Mother. The Incappucciati are hooded and cloaked in black to show their pain and respect during the funeral procession.

In common, the two processions have the hooded figures and torches and the cortège where the incappucciati sing religious songs telling of the Passion and Miserere of Christ. Each town in the territory has its own “hooded” procession. In Meta di Sorrento, the procession of the incappucciati takes place between Thursday and Good Friday. Whereas the procession in Piano di Sorrento, with its RED incappucciati (the makings of an extraordinary sight) is unique for its color; no other procession along the Sorrento Peninsula includes red.

These occasions are a unique chance for a sweet getaway at the Laqua Charme & Boutique, the seaside home of Cinzia & Antonino Cannavacciuolo. Enjoy a slice of Pastiera Napoletana, the typical territorial Easter dessert, for breakfast or take a dip in the indoor pool in the Surya Deva Wellness Area; your body and soul will surely be renewed.

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February 14th is a very special day for Sorrento

A day of celebration for the city of the famous Italian poet, Torquato Tasso who wrote  Gerusalemme Liberata or "Jerusalelem Delivered". This day isn't just for Valentine's Day, but it has also been dedicated to the religious patron, Saint Antonino.

The Sorrento Peninsula is known all over the world for the profound devotion of its inhabitants who, together with the processions dedicated to the Holy Week for Easter, celebrate with a mystical sense of great faith and care, the Saints with whom they have a deep religious bond.

Everything starts with the religious rites in the morning where the statue of the Saint is carried from the crypt at the center of the chapel so that the faithful may pay him homage. "Not inside nor outside the walls" were the last words of the Saint regarding his burial. It is for this very reason that the Basilica is believed to have been built on the very spot which houses the remains of the Saint.

The most important moment on February 14th, the day of St. Antonino, is the procession. The silver statue of the Patron Saint is carried and followed by hundreds of faithful worshipers along the streets and small roads of the entire city. He is praised and celebrated in an obsequious manner by the religious and military authorities and especially by the people who, for no reason at all, miss this yearly event.

In Sorrento, February 14th must be "lived". It is a great opportunity for everyone to admire the century-old traditions of a people whose roots still today continue to pay homage, year after year, to the Patron Saint. It isn't just a religious holiday, but rather, folklore and tradition. Along the streets of the center, people dance and sing. Objects are on display and local specialties are all order of the day, creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere for those present who get to admire and be enraptured by the characteristic lighting for this festivity.

The great celebration is the perfect "marriage" with Valentine's Day, the day dedicated to lovers and all those who feel this noble, pure and intense emotion man is able to feel. Love that over the centuries, and still today, has inspired poets, writers and artists of all ages.

Not to be missed is the stunning display of fireworks which celebrates both the Saint and as well as all those in love.

February 14th along the Sorrento peninsula, thanks to the fusion of these two celebrations - that of the Patron Saint as well as that of lovers - represents truly a state of mind. Only those who have had the opportunity of taking part are able to explain the immense emotions and deep feelings of this unique occasion.

Wedding exhibition "Tutto Sposi"

An exhibit of prestigious wedding dresses, furnishings, equipment and services for brides and grooms ... this is Tutto Sposi; one of the most prestigious Italian trade shows dedicated entirely to couples who are about to get married or simply to the many curious and enthusiasts who do not want to miss the latest trends in couture fashion.

From 20 to 28 October 2018 in Naples, the undisputed capital of wedding dresses, is the Wedding & Bridal Trade Show at the Mostra d'Oltremare exhibition center.

Tutto Sposi is an important, international temporary store that welcomes every year more than 200,000 Brand followers throughout the year.

A rich event alternating discussions and Haute Couture Bridal fashion shows take place on the catwalk of the Palasposa pavilion dedicated to fashion shows and shows. Exclusive midweek evening events, Gala dinners, invitation-only VIP lounge bar and fashion shows on a completely renovated and technologically innovative stage will be organized.

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