2018 Orient Festival in Naples

For the fourth consecutive year  the city of Naples in the italian Region Campania will host one of the most   anticipated events by the lovers of history and  Asian culture.

From September,14th to Seprember ,16th and from September ,21st to September,23rd 2018 the town will host at the Mostra D'Oltremare, the most important fair and convention center in the Region of Campania, the 2018 Orient Festival which is growing and becoming increasingly rich and wide every year  with a great selection of bazaars, photo exhibitions, concerts, asians dance shows, traditional and typical ceremonies, natural medicines and martial arts in numerous subject areas of the complex in Naples.

Following the success of previous editions an area dedicated to health and wellness culture will return this year too.  This area will host seminars, conferences, demonstrations or workshops, many stands and traditional holistic therapies or the bionatural disciplines of traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

An unique occasion for all lovers of Asian culture or simply for the more curious during their romantic and regenerating stay at Laqua Charme & Boutique.



2018 Sorrento Summertime Festival

A new edition of Sorrento Summertime in the town of Sorrento will kick off on June 02nd and will go through September, 30th, 2018. An awaited new edition with a rich programme of events, manifestations,  traditions, artistic exhibitions and performances were scheduled for the early summer 2018.

The locations chosen is Villa Fiorentino, in Sorrento where musical and entertainment events, will alternate with  gastronomic events and meetings with fashion shows.

A wonderful and pleasant experience for all for all the visitors spending a pleasant and relaxing period on holiday at Laqua Charme & Boutique

For more information about the 2018 Sorrento Summertime Festival: https://www.fondazionesorrento.com/en/next-events.php

2018 In Vico Veritas

In Vico Veritas is one of the most awaited events at the end of summer in the Campania Region, in Italy. It will return with a new edition on September, 01st 2018.

A romantic walk in the quaint village of Vico di Palma di Campania will show the several unique alleys,small and charming places of the village to all participants . It will possible also taste the traditional culinary food and the taste the tasty local wine admiring the handcrafted artifacts  exposed.

In this typical event will be an appropriate musical background with a lot of group musicians.

For more information, visit the event's official page: https://www.facebook.com/igiovanidivico/

The Red Coral of the Protected Marine Area of the “Kingdom of Neptune”

The Red Coral is located in the protected seas of the Regno di Nettuno (Kingdom of Neptune) between the islands of Ischia and Procida. It's one of the jewels of the Campania region and is visible at a depth of 35 and 45 meters.

A magnificent spectacle of nature appearing on the surface of the Marina with bright colors, while at the bottom of the crystalline waters of Punta Pizzaco in Procida is a chromatic explosion. The expansive bay of the Marina is among the most surprising and fascinating barriers not only in Italy but throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

A wonderful example of nature's design. The variegated sponges and sea fans with numerous specimens of mollusks and fish compliment the real jewel of the area, the red coral, whose white polyps have caught the eye of numerous photographers and diving enthusiasts.

Red coral is definitely among one of the main attractions of underwater tourism in the Campania region, an area which can boast not only for its rich natural resources but also for the suggestive remains which date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.



2018 Feast of Saints Anna and Gioacchino in the seaside district of Marina Grande in Sorrento

Also this year will be expected  the return of one of the most awaited traditional festival in the Summer of the town of Sorrento.

From July 17th to August 01st 2018 the city of Sorrento will be the magical backdrop  for the numerous events on the occasion of the feast of Saints Anna and Gioacchino organized by the Parish of Sant'Anna in the  seaside district of Marina Grande in Sorrento.

The event, with a strong religious connotation has also avast entertainment programme, dancing, local gastronomy ,games, shows of activities and services for families, visitors and all of people on holiday in the Gulf of Sorrento.

The long awaited part of the event and one of the most magic moments will be the Firework Show from the sea of Marina Grande beach. Leaving nothing to chance the firework show held each year on a different theme and is accompanied by a magical musical notes.  An unequalleds moment  full of colours, lights and

fascinating symphonies from the crystalline waters of the Sorrento town that merge with the clear and clean sky full of stars characteristic of the warm and magic summer evenings of Sorrento Coast.

2018 Giffoni International Film Festival

The Giffoni International Film Festival is one of the most well-known and famous children’s film festival in the world. The location of the event is a small town in the Campania Region in Italy, Giffoni Valle Piana, close to Salerno and Naples.

The Giffoni International Film Festival is focused on the promoting and developing cinema for young children and teenagers. The festival started in 1971 and had increased in the years its popularity and importance.  Are over 3,000 the children who attend the festival from several countries around the world.

During the festival the little participants watch the movies, learn about the filmmaking process and are called to give a vote and award the best film.

Each year the Giffoni International Film Festival hosts a lot of important guests, film directors and producers, singers and italian and hollywoodian stars.

The festival focuses every year on a specific concept. The concept of this edition, from July,20th  to July,28th, 2018 is “The Water”, a vital asset for the world life.

Other new features this year will be the creation of a Museum focused on the festival story where sketches, audio, video recordings and illustrations will trace it story.


Byzantine New Year's Day

The Byzantine New Year's Day it is an historical and very important cultural event that founds its historic roots in IV century a.C.

The historical justification of the Byzantine New Year's Day  is that the legal and fiscal year began on September, 1st in all of the countries subjected to the Byzantine Emperor.

On that day all of the leaders of the Maritime Republic of the town of Amalfi in its early aristocratic period came into the office of the Byzantine Emperor.

This administrative practice begins from the IV century, expectually in 839 a.C, the year of the birth of the autonomous republic until the first half of the X century.

In the Amalfi Coast the annual election of the representatives of the towns was taken up under the Anjou domination lasted until the kingdom of the Bourbons.

In Atrani’s Church “San Salvatore de' Birecto”, in the palatine chapel, the Dukes of Amalfi were crowned with the chlamys and cap symbol of ducal power. In the the Church’s atrium the investiture of the conference of parliaments took place.

From August, 31st to Septeber,01st 2018 the special event of the 2018 Byzantine New Year's Day will take place with a special event and the investiture of “Magister”, a person who was born or lived in the Amalfi Coast and who was conspicuous by its absence, national or international, with its work in science scene or political, medical or art and sport discipline, promoting the name of the town.

After the proclaimed in Medieval language an historical parade moves from the village of Atrani to the town of Amalfi with more than hundred actors in original costumes designed in 1950.

2018 Pompei Beer Fest

From Friday, June, 15th to Sunday June,17th 2018 in the town famous all over the world for its roman escavation, Pompeii  will start the first global event dedicated to the homemade beer .

The “Pompei Beer Fest” is a special event born from the love for the land and the passion for fine food and craft beer where the visitors will have the special occasion to taste  in this two days more than forty types of beer of homemade Italian breweries.

There will be also an area dedicated to the genuine and traditional food of the Campania Region and top

quality products.

Please consult the Pompei Beer Fest website for more details: https://www.facebook.com/PompeiiBeerFest/

The 2018 Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

The 2018 Napoli Teatro Festival Italia will kick off from June,08th to July,10th 2018.

Continuing the increasing trend of the previous years, this new edition will continue in the valorization of cultural theatre activities between the new visual theatre arts scene and a broader creative context.

The programme will include over 80 theatre companies, between national and international, are engaged to bring the 160 theatrical shows.



To the detailed programm https://www.napoliteatrofestival.it

La Festa a Vico 2018

The long-awaited event, as well as being one of the most anticipated appointments of the spring, has returned to the city of Vico Equense. "FestaVico" is one of the most eagerly awaited food and wine festivals in Campania. Each year it has successfully brought haute cuisine and the opportunity of helping others together.

This year's event, June 3rd to June 5th, is as always, a unique occasion you just can't miss! The idea coming from the intuition of the multi-starred chef Gennaro Esposito has grown in importance and size over the years. Each edition follows a specific theme and the festival's carefree and casual spirit has never been lost.

Fortunate FestaVico fans and lovers of gourmet haute cuisine coming from al over Italy get the chance of taking part in this particular festival. Savor original dishes prepared by famous Italian chefs as well as from young, rising stars of Italian cuisine in an enchanting setting, along the Gulf of Naples and the village of Marina di Aequa.

More than one hundred chefs have participated over the years; "starred" chefs and emerging ones too. Chefs like Cuttaia, Berton and of course, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, the maître de maison of the Laqua Charme & Boutique.

For the complete festival program, please visit www.festavico.com