2018/2018 Theatre Season in Naples.

The town of Naples, in the Italian region of Italy, far only 45 km from Laqua Charme & Boutique, the programme of the new season of theatrical shows of the years 2018/2019 the Theater of Naples “Teatro Stabile di Napoli” has choosen the name of “ Tutto il Teatro che Vuoi”, “ All the theatre you want”.

A very rich and programme of concerts, ballets, theatrical performances and musical dance events will be scheduled for a new interessant theatre season.

The operas will be reinterpreted by international scene – directors, choreographers, artists, architects and set designers, experts in video-writing and lighting creators alongside different generations and sensibility and will be on scene from October,18th to May,19th 2019.

Nationally and internationally renowned artists, directors and dancers will be alternated on stage.

Significant time and space is also given to modern andcontemporary art thanks to the reviwe “stabiledanza”, from March,09th to March 17th 2018 in the theathers: Politeama, Mercadante, San Ferdinando e Ridotto and the incredible creations of some of the most important contemporary dance choreographers in Italy and all countries of the world.

Un unmissable event will be in Pompeii with the kermesse of event: Pompeii Theatrum Mundi.

For more information about the programm: https://www.teatrostabilenapoli.it/stagione-201819

2018 "Sagra del Fior di latte" of Agerola

For the little village Agerola, in the Campania Region of Italy not so far from the Amalfi Coast, the home production of Fior Di Latte cheese is an historic and important tradition passed down from generation to generation producted with care and precision.

The Fior di Latte cheese is a semi-soft, fresh cheese. It looks like the Italian Mozzarella Cheese. The cow's milk cheese is produced with a careful and meticulous craftsmanship. This tasty cheese is more smooth than the mozzarella cheese and extremely fresh and little tangy in flavour.Thanks to its elastically textured cheese the Fior di Latte cheese finds its way of use in cooking mostly on the pizzas and other over based dishe productions because of its superb and fresh melting characteristics. It’s also very used on local aptisers in the Caprese salads dishes or simply fresh salads.

In the little village of Agerola, in Vico Equense, there is a special kermesse of events dedicated to the production of the Fior di Latte cheese. One of the most important homemade product of the village.

The festival is a true experience at the discouver of the local typical products of Agerola, of the customs and traditions and the unforgettable views on the Mountains of Monti Lattari.

From August, 04th to 06th 2018, this “tasty event” will take place with a very huge programme rich in music and dancing shows, local products and gastromy in the charateristc village of Agerola with its unforgettable view on the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno.

For more informations about the event:  https://www.fiordilattefiordifesta.it


2018 “Sagra del Fusillo Felittese “

The Fusillo Felittese is a typical pasta dish charateristic of Fellittese, an attractive village in Salerno in the Campania Region of Italy.

The Fellittese fusillo is a fresh egg handmade pasta reproduced with a laborious manual production  passed down fromgeneration to generation realized, with the help of a  silver iron wire and it’s a poor cookery with simple ingredients: durum-wheat semolina, eggs and extra virgin olive oil.

This excellence dish was prepared for the special occasions and in the years the homemade preparation of Fusilli from Fellittese and over time has become one of the main characteristic of Felitto village included in the list of Italian traditional agro-food products by the Campania Region.

Every year from 1976 there is a special fest for this tasty product called “Sagra del Fusillo Fellittese”.

The event was created with the purpose to increase the history and traditions in the reference territory and of this special dish with an high programm of events rich in culinary history events and a lot of music, enterteiments, traditions and folkoristics shows.

This year the event is scheduled to take place from August, 11th to August, 21st 2018.

Discover the italian world.


The Island of Capri

The island of Capri is almost the nerve center of the Sorrento Peninsula and the superb natural landscape of the island make it into a small of corner of Paradise for  all who visit. Its  fascination is also due to the local handcrafts and great shopping opportunities in the many boutiques and workshops to be seen in the tittle streets of the town making it into one of the most attractive shopping areas in the world.

The perfect location for a romantic and unforgettable wedding proposal! After drinking a coffee in the characteristic “piazzetta and visited the bloomed and  fascinating  gardens not to be missed is a visit on a boat at the discover of the  the numeroses grotto caves who are very beautiful, like the Grotta Azzurra ,Blu Cave for the blu colour of its water and the Green Grotto famous for the green light color of the water. A visit on a charateristc Gozzo boat around the coasts of this island wouldn’t be complete with a stop across to the Faraglioni, the unmistakable icon of Capri, imposing and majestic cliffs  of the island. The island of Capri is target for unforgettable boat trips and paradise for nature lovers.Visitors reach the island by sea, either in the hydrofoil or ship from Sorrento, taking about 25 minutes on hydrofoil is certainly the faster way toget to Capri..

It is also possible to book a private excursion by boat during your stay at Laqua Charme & Boutique. We will be glad to give you all the information to enable you to design a private itinerary to include the many little bays, beaches and caves that make Capri into one of nature’s finest masterpieces.

Would you like us to help you make your stay even better? Need some suggestions on what to do while you're here? Just write to info@laquaspa.it. We'll send you everything you're looking for.

2018 Night of "Lampare" in Cetara

The Pro Loco of Cetara organizes every year a successful storic event of the Amalfi Coast: "The Night of Lampare".

Now in its 44th edition, the event, which will be held on July 14th and 15th, 2018, re-evoke the ancient tradition of anchovy fishing withcharacteristics lamp-lights. This is a very ancient event in the Amalfi Coast whose purpose is to enhancing the ancient arts and the history of the municipality of Cetara.

The lampara is a particular lamp mounted on boats and is used by fishermen at night to illuminate a large area of ​​water, in order to attract the fish on the surface of the sea and then trap them in fishing nets. By extension, the boat that mounts the equipment and the network used for this ancient type of fishing are also called Lampara.

Laqua Charme & Boutique recommend this storic event to all of the visitors during a romantic stay in the Sorrentine peninsula.

2018 Incontri di Vini e Sapori Campani

“Incontri di Vini e Sapori Campani” is a special tasty event who having now reached the ninth edition, has a programme characterised by  large number of activities  aimed to improve the  the promotion and development of enogastronomic excellences of the Italian Region, Campania.

For this special event a lot of interactive exhibits, workshops, culinary shows, entertainment shows, art exhibitions, , film projections, book presentations and music shows will be been organize.

The main purpose of the is to create  a is a connection between the production companies , the wholesale distributors and investment promotion bodies” contributes to the development of  enogastronomic tourism of the Campania Region.

The special event “Incontri di vini e sapori campani" is dedicated to the best in Campania’s regional food and wine offerings  and will be staged in the characteristic setting of Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento from September,14th to September,16th 2018.

2018 Lemon Jazz Festival in Sorrento

The fascinating and magical town of Sorrento, famous all over the world for its particular "yellow treasure": the lemon; will host the second edition of: Lemon Jazz Festival.

From July, 21rst to 29th, 2018, a rich musical kermesse inspired precisely to this fruit will be hosted in the evocative garden of Villa Fiorentino located in the centre town of Sorrento.

An unmissable music and entertainment event, two of the main characteristics adjectives that distinguish Sorrento town, a sought-after tourist destination that welcomes people from all countires of the world fascinated by its beauty, both in terms of landscapes and culture.

For more info : https://www.lemonjazz.it/

2018 Luminaria Di Domenico in Praiano

In Praiano, a small town on the Amalfi coast, an old historic and cultural tradition of religious nature is repeated each year – the illumination of San Domenico.

The festival is preceded by a triduum (a period of three days' observance), during which an evocative tradition is enacted; all of the citizens decorate their terraces, windows, gardens, streets and the domes of the houses with characteristic, candlelit illuminations while the young people of Praiano, with over 2000 candles, decorate Piazza San Gennaro every evening.

The citizens of Praiano, in past centuries, would keep during the year, dry branches of vine shoots, trees and shrubs so they could create "fascine" or sets of dry branches which were burnt as a sign of devotion and good omen in the gardens.

The Luminaria has a precise meaning and origin. In fact, according to local beliefs, the mother of San Domenico before giving birth, dreamt of a dog with a torch in his mouth that had set the World afire. This meant that the unborn child would bring the Word of God throughout the world.

This event, which just cannot be missed, makes it possible to rediscover this charming town nestled between the sea and the mountains in one of the most magical places in the world, the Amalfi coast.



The Bebè of Sorrento Cheese, a typical cheese of sorrentine peninsula

All over the world the Sorrentine peninsula is famous for its rich dairy tradition thanks to the productions of some of the most delicious cheese products in Italy such as the IGP Provolone del Monaco and Caciocavallo cheese.

A few years ago, however, a new dairy product has become part of this family, a delicious cheese which very much looks like Caciocavallo: the “Babè of Sorrento”.

The Bebè of Sorrento  cheese is a very tasty cow's milk cheese with semi-cooked and spun paste, very light in color whose shape recalls a little baby child wrapped in swathing bands .

The process of preparation of this tastily cheese is very similar to the preparation of Caciocavallo Cheese but it has a different seasoning methods and a very delicate flavor.

A traditional cheese of the Sorrentine peninsula that you don’t miss out on any of the bountiful delights offered in our generous breakfast buffet.

Chiesa della Madonna del Carmelo in Sorrento

When in Sorrento, you must stand in the center of its main square, the Piazza Tasso, and admire the facing Church dedicated to the Beata Vergine del Carmelo (Blessed Virgin of Carmelo). This characteristic Catholic temple is the romantic setting for unforgettable celebrations along the Sorrento peninsula.

The origin of this religious temple presumably dates back to the first half of 200 AD. when Sorrento was hit by an atrocious invasion of Christian persecutors and was rebuilt at the end of the 16th  century.

The Church is a triumph of Baroque style with a single nave and side altars. Particular is the apse with baroque decorations and paintings depicting scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary by artists of the 18th century and two one-of-a-kind artistic inlaid wooden reliquaries dating back to 1600.

On the backdrop of the main altar is a copy of the "Madonna Bruna" which can be found in the Basilica Santuario di Santa Maria del Carmine Maggiore in Naples.

There are many paintings belonging to the Neapolitan school of the 1700s in the apse, along the walls of the church and on the ceilings (including pieces by Avellino and Cingeri).

During a recent restoration of the central arc pillars of the main façade, ancient columns dating back to Roman times emerged

This unique Church, located in the center of Sorrento, is the ideal setting for a romantic wedding on the Sorrento coast in addition to also being a gathering place for events, festivals and village festivals.

One of the many celebrations which definitely stands out is that of July 16th. This summer event is dedicated to the Madonna del Carmelo and in true festive spirit, the quaint village is adorned with lights and fragrant garlands of orange and lemon blossoms.