"Kalyuta³ ad infinito" Exhibition in Sorrento

At the Villa Fiorentino, paintings by Yuri Kalyuta.

Sorrento, once again becomes a city of "art" as it hosts contemporary Russian artist, Yuri Kalyuta's exhibit called "Kalyuta³ all'infinito".

In the romantic setting of Villa Fiorentino, in the historical center of the city, enjoy this exhibition, which was inaugurated on October 27th and part of the celebration for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maksim Gor'kij, one of the most important Russian writers who stayed in Sorrento in the early decades of the last century.

Kalyuta's works, full of great emotions, have been exhibited in numerous museums. They are part of prestigious collections coming from important structures in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Berlin, Beijing and Shanghai.

You've got until November 18th to see these incredible pieces.

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2018 Suoni DiVini in Sorrento


“Suoni DiVini”, which will reach its 8th edition soon, is a successful kermesse of events of Sorrento. This event was born for a purpose: to mix artistic moments, cultural events and suggestive locations by exalting the numerous wealth of the country through different events of great artistic and cultural value.

Over the years “Suoni DiVini”, in fact, was not only an event full of cultural, artistic and gastronomic moments, but it also welcomed Italian and International artists from the music scene, who considered the Sorrentine kermesse a prestigious and promotional showcase to propose to the public music performances of great depth.

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The Valley of the Mills of Sorrento

Although not one of the most popular tourist sites in Sorrento, the Vallone di Mulini is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the city. It is part of a system of five valleys that once crossed the Sorrento peninsula and indicated the boundaries between towns.

Buzzfeed, an American independent digital media company which has over 80 million viewers a year, has included it in its list of the 30 most fascinating places on the planet.

From above, looking out from the railings of via Fuorimura, the valley looks appears as a deep furrow that crosses the mountain. The origin of this picturesque scenery dates back 35,000 years ago when the largest volcanic eruption ever devastated the Campania.

Sorrento's Vallone dei Mulini owes its name thanks to the presence of an old mill, used in ancient times for grinding wheat. Near the mill there was also a sawmill, fed by the spring waters coming down from the hills. Many kinds of wood was worked here, such as cherry, olive and walnut. Cabinet-makers from the territory used this wood to achieve their famous artisan wooden inlays. In the Vallone dei Mulini in Sorrento there was also a public wash-house, where the women would do the laundry.

The valley was directly connected with Marina Piccola. Together with the port, these 2 areas represented a meeting point for the local people, especially for farmers and fishermen.

The valley was abandoned after the construction of Piazza Tasso in 1866.

At the moment, the valley can only reached through a gate, visible from the road connecting Piazza Sant'Antonino with the port. The construction of the Piazza Tasso isolated the valley and closed all of the means of communication which caused climatic conditions uninhabitable for humans; the level of humidity has reached a constant at around 80%. The particular microclimate has favored the growth of lush, spontaneous vegetation; Phillitis Vulgaris is the dominant element, a splendid and rare fern.

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Il Vallone dei Mulini di Sorrento

Pur non essendo tra i siti turistici più frequenti di Sorrento, il Vallone di Mulini è uno dei siti archeologici più famosi della città. Esso fa parte di un sistema di cinque valloni che anticamente attraversava la penisola sorrentina ed indicava i confini tra i paesi.

La testata giornalistica americana Buzzfeed, che conta oltre 80 milioni di visite l’anno, lo ha inserito nella lista dei 30 luoghi più affascinanti del pianeta.

Osservandolo dall’alto, affacciandosi dalla ringhiera di via Fuorimura, il vallone appare come un profondo solco che attraversa la montagna. L’origine di questo suggestivo scenario risale a 35.000 anni fa, epoca in cui si verificò la più vasta eruzione vulcanica che sconvolse la Campania.

Il Vallone dei Mulini di Sorrento deve il proprio nome grazie alla presenza di un vecchio mulino, utilizzato anticamente per la macinazione del grano. Accanto al mulino, nella valle esisteva anche una segheria, alimentata dalle acque sorgive che scendevano dalle colline e che serviva per la lavorazione di numerose tipologie di legno, come ciliegio, ulivo e noce utilizzate dagli ebanisti sorrentini per realizzare i famosi manufatti artigianali lavorati ad intarsio. Nel Vallone dei Mulini di Sorrento si trovava anche un lavatoio pubblico, dove le donne erano solite fare il bucato.

La valle era collegata direttamente con Marina Piccola e con il porto rappresentava un punto di ritrovo per la popolazione locale, soprattutto per contadini e pescatori.

Il vallone fu abbandonato dopo la costruzione di Piazza Tasso, avvenuta nel 1866.

Attualmente si può accedere al vallone solo attraverso un cancello, visibile dalla strada che collega Piazza Sant'Antonino con il porto. La costruzione di Piazza Tasso ha isolato il vallone, chiudendo tutte le vie di comunicazione e determinando condizioni climatiche invivibili per l’uomo, visto che il tasso di umidità si conserva costante intorno all'80%. Il particolare microclima, però, ha favorito  lo sviluppo di una rigogliosa vegetazione spontanea il cui elemento dominante è la Phillitis Vulgaris, splendido e raro esemplare di felce.

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The Baths of Queen Giovanna in Sorrento

Sorrento has always been a sought-after destination for exclusive tourism. There is one place in particular, which testifies how much the peninsula has been chosen as a holiday destination since ancient times: The Baths of Queen Giovanna.

A fascinating unspoilt valley located in Capo di Sorrento, as well as one of the most important archaeological sites of the Sorrento peninsula. A unique place is enchanting where nature, sea and past come together.

The name according to the legend is due to Queen Giovanna D'Angiò, sovereign of Naples. It seems that between 1371 and 1435, often went on holiday in this place and it is said that he loved to spend long time in these waters in the company of his young lovers.

The Baths of the Regina Giovanna are a treasure trove of history, a place remained uncontaminated in the years that also host the remains of an ancient Roman villa, "Villa Pollio Felice", which stood right on the promontory of the head of Sorrento. Dating back to the first century B.C., the villa had a surface of about thirty thousand square meters and was divided into two parts: the domus maritime and the villa immersed in the fields. Today of the ancient residence, reachable both from land and sea, it is possible to visit only the ruins.

This enchanting place can be reached along a small road that starts from the head of Sorrento. A pleasant walk, during which the aromas of the sea and vegetation alternate. After about twenty minutes you find yourself in front of a limestone cliff overlooking the sea, surrounded by the remains of the ancient villa.

Through a staircase you reach a small lagoon, connected to the sea by a beautiful natural arch. At this point the bottom is shallow, and it is impossible to resist a real dive into history, a real natural pool with crystal clear waters, made even more romantic by the light that filters through the inlet.

It is advisable, however, not to stop only at the basin, but continue up to the head, where you can enjoy a splendid panorama that ranges from the Sorrento peninsula, to the Gulf of Naples to the islands of Ischia and Procida.

Moreover, in 1955, the fascinating basin was the protagonist of the clandestine meeting between Sophia Loren and Vittoria De Sica in the cult italian film "Pane, Amore, E ..". The site can be reached by bus from Sorrento's Circumvesuviana station and by car from Sorrento. Continue towards Massa Lubrense, along via Capo, until you reach the Capo di Sorrento.

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Klimt Experience in Naples

The beautiful Klimt Experience exhibit, an itinerant journey based on the masterpieces of the great Austrian artist has arrived in Naples.

From 20 October 2018 to 03 February 2019, the Basilica dello Spirito Santo will host a multimedia exhibit about the artist. In a very original and detailed account, guests will learn about the works, the life and career of the Austrian genius thanks to a number of multimedia video installations with uniquely wonderful sound effects.

The exhibition will feature some of Klimt's greatest pieces in a multimedia format, including The Tree of Life, The Kiss and Judith and the Head of Holofernes (Judith I).

After the exhibit at the Reggia di Caserta, it will end its tour in Naples with its numerous displays including the "Immersive" Hall, a real and actual journey aimed at bringing to life the works of Klimt; the images were selected by the art historian Sergio Risaliti and are accompanied by a HD narrative experience. Particularly captivating is the "3D Experience" … an emotional journey including numerous clothing reproductions with designs and textures which have become famous and immortal thanks to Klimt's art.

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The Famous “Torta Caprese”

It's one of the most loved desserts by local families and not only! Have a slice and you'll be coming back for more! ...  the "Torta Caprese", a typical Sorrentine dessert, was actually made as a "mistake" by a well-known pastry chef from Capri.

Legend has it that Carmine Di Fiore, a renowned chef from Capri in the early 1920s, had to make a dessert using cocoa powder and almonds for three criminals visiting the island.

The chef wanted to amaze and win over the "gentlemen" with one of his piece de resistance, the best dessert he could prepare. So he began preparing his cake that would have been served at the end of the meal. However, only once in the oven did he realized he had left out one of the key ingredients ... FLOUR.

This seemingly irreparable mistake not only would have damaged his career as a chef but his life would have also been at great risk if his mistake was to become known! Little did he know he had actually created a wonderful treat. A scrumptiously inviting cake covered with a thick layer of chocolate and lusciously moist on the inside.

From that day, this dessert became the chef's signature dish. He started distributing it to his growing number of customers as the cake's popularity spread rapidly along the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula... so much so that it became one of the territory's culinary symbols.

The Caprese is basically a "poor" and simple dessert made with just a few wholesome ingredients, like butter, chocolate and almonds. Over the years different versions have evolved; an example is the "white" version which includes a very famous local ingredient ... lemons.

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2018 Chocoland- La Terra dei Golosi

The city of Naples is ready to welcome the 2018 edition of Chocoland- La Terra dei Golosi.

One of the most famous tasty event in Italy, and Campania region is going to return from October,30th to November,04th 2018.

The five days event features a delicious selection of stands with a wide range of artigianal chocolate proposal.

Along the event days will not miss the moments of entertainment with many show cooking, workshop, chocolate fabric and a lot of interesting and tasty event.

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