"Tiemp bell 'e na vota" on December 24th there's fried pizza in Sorrento

Campania is one of the regions able to boast a unique and unparalleled culinary history.

Undisputed queen of Neapolitan cuisine is definitely Pizza with all its variations, among which, fried pizza stands out.

The origin dates back to the post-war period. In fact, at the time, traditional round pizza in Naples had become almost a luxury. Ingredients weren't available and above all, the wood-burning ovens had all been destroyed during the bombings to free the city. This is why the people thought about frying the dough in hot oil. The dough would puff up and when eaten, people were left with a sensation of being even more full.

Over time, fried pizza has became a typically feminine creation. Women would prepare, fry and sale the pizzas. They were sold at festivals and outside their homes in Naples.

Fried pizza is unquestionably among the culinary excellence of Naples; thanks to the popularity of street food and its characteristic preparation with salami, meatballs and provola cheese, it's once again becoming something of a hit.

One event that stands out in Sorrento is "Tiemp bell 'e na vota" where the owners of an old and well-known local trattoria, located in the historic city center offer passers-by the typical fried pizza accompanied by a glass of wine or beer on Christmas Eve.

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The Lighting of Sorrento's Christmas Tree

Peter Farrelly's film, Green Book, with the participation of Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali, is one of the premieres at Sorrento's “Giornate Professionali di Cinema” Event, the film festival will take place from December 3rd to 6th 2018. The film is distributed by Eagle Pictures; they'll also be presenting another of their films, Mia and The White Lion.

And it is precisely with "Mia and The White Lion" in mind, there will also be the traditional Festival presentation for citizens and visitors alike with the lighting of Sorrento's big Christmas Tree in addition other musical numbers, in Piazza Tasso, along with all the festive Christmas holiday decorations will mark the afternoon of Monday, December 3rd.

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2018 Sorrento International Jazz Festival

Sorrento Jazz Festival is an International Jazz Festival held every year in Sorrento.

The winter music jazz festival festival of Sorrento will take place between the 14th the 16th of December 2018 in Sorrento’s teather “Teatro Comunale Tasso di Sorrento”.

Over the years several churches, squares, museums and theaters of the city have been the stage for this important winter music festival during the Christmas time in the Sorrentine peninsula.
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"2018 Le Vie della Pizza"

"Le Vie della Pizza", in recent years it has become one of the most awaited winter event in the Sorrentine peninsula.

The tasty event of the town of Sorrento, like every year, will delight all the people from the citizens to visitors through the characteristic alleys of Sorrento town in the historic center thanks to preparation for the special occasion of a 100mt maxi pizza.

The event will be held in the town of Sorrento on December, 06th 2018 from 4:30 pm in the little street “ Padre Reginaldo Giuliani “in far less than 3,5 km from Laqua Charme & Boutique.

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2018-2019 Sorento Incontra: the winter music shows of Sorrento

Returning this year is the long-awaited event Sorrento Incontra-Sorrento’s festival of winter music events which will include a Eight music shows and events from mid-November until next Jenuary 2019.

Engaging music initiatives and activities will lighten the spirits of visitors and citizens during the winter months as they await the arrival of spring along the coast.

In addition to the lighting of Sorrento’s festive Christmas tree, among some of the festival’s events, and which simply cannot be missed, is the concert on November, 14th 2018 of Stefano Bolladi, an Italian composer, pianist and singer. Bollani first recorded in 2003 starting a sequence of succesful music awarded albums. The pianist has also performed classical repertoire, composed for international band, theatre and cinema. He has also published a novel and hosted  radio and tv shows on Italian TV. Among his many music awards is the European Jazz Prize as Musician of the Year for 2007.

The eight musical appointments of Sorrento Incontra will end on Jenuary, 26th 2018 with a production of Teatro Comunale Tasso of Sorrento town “Mimì da Sud a Sud” an interesting theatre show with Mario Incudine symphonies, the visuals and choreography of Mvula Sungani and some original texts of Antonino Giammarino.

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