In Praiano, a small town on the Amalfi coast, an old historic and cultural tradition of religious nature is repeated each year – the illumination of San Domenico.

The festival is preceded by a triduum (a period of three days’ observance), during which an evocative tradition is enacted; all of the citizens decorate their terraces, windows, gardens, streets and the domes of the houses with characteristic, candlelit illuminations while the young people of Praiano, with over 2000 candles, decorate Piazza San Gennaro every evening.

The citizens of Praiano, in past centuries, would keep during the year, dry branches of vine shoots, trees and shrubs so they could create “fascine” or sets of dry branches which were burnt as a sign of devotion and good omen in the gardens.

The Luminaria has a precise meaning and origin. In fact, according to local beliefs, the mother of San Domenico before giving birth, dreamt of a dog with a torch in his mouth that had set the World afire. This meant that the unborn child would bring the Word of God throughout the world.

This event, which just cannot be missed, makes it possible to rediscover this charming town nestled between the sea and the mountains in one of the most magical places in the world, the Amalfi coast.

This special event starting from 1606 is held each year on the months of July or August. The dates of the 2019 “Luminaria di San Domenico”  edition will be published within the coming weeks on the offical web site of the event.


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