The Social World Film Festival – an International Festival of Social Cinema reopens its doors with its 9th edition from July, 28 to 04 August 2019 in the town of Vico Equense.

This festival aims at combining young people’s passion for the cinema and important social issues. The backdrop of the beautiful Sorrento Coast just adds extra splendor to this annual appointment in Vico Equense.

It’s a “world” festival, not only because it welcomes films from various countries in competition and includes the participation of foreign directors, professionals and an international public, but above all, because the shown pieces created by these amazing young people are shown in major European and world capitals in special events organized by the Social World Film Festival.

Year after year it has managed to make its mark in the world of international films. The town-square of Vico Equense lights up with this festival of artists coming from the Italian and World cinema scene and leaves a “wall of fame” no one can ever forget.

The event theme for the 9th edition of the Festival is:“Viaggio: esplorazione, itinerario, evasione”, “Travel: exploration,  itinerary, evasion” and will be dedicated to Vittorio De Sica, one of the most important Italian director and actor of the Italian film industry and a leading figure in the neorealist movement. Numerous new events are scheduled for the 2019 edition, even if still top secret. As to be expected, like with all past festivals, the event will surely be a great success and will attract a large number of participants and spectators.

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