February 14th is a very special day for Sorrento.

A day of celebration for the city of the famous Italian poet, Torquato Tasso who wrote¬† Gerusalemme Liberata or “Jerusalelem Delivered”. This day isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, but it has also been dedicated to the religious patron, Saint Antonino.

The Sorrento Peninsula is known all over the world for the profound devotion of its inhabitants who, together with the processions dedicated to the Holy Week for Easter, celebrate with a mystical sense of great faith and care, the Saints with whom they have a deep religious bond.

Everything starts with the religious rites in the morning where the statue of the Saint is carried from the crypt at the center of the chapel so that the faithful may pay him homage. “Not inside nor outside the walls” were the last words of the Saint regarding his burial. It is for this very reason that the Basilica is believed to have been built on the very spot which houses the remains of the Saint.

The most important moment on February 14th, the day of St. Antonino, is the procession. The silver statue of the Patron Saint is carried and followed by hundreds of faithful worshipers along the streets and small roads of the entire city. He is praised and celebrated in an obsequious manner by the religious and military authorities and especially by the people who, for no reason at all, miss this yearly event.

In Sorrento, February 14th must be “lived”. It is a great opportunity for everyone to admire the century-old traditions of a people whose roots still today continue to pay homage, year after year, to the Patron Saint. It isn’t just a religious holiday, but rather, folklore and tradition. Along the streets of the center, people dance and sing. Objects are on display and local specialties are all order of the day, creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere for those present who get to admire and be enraptured by the characteristic lighting for this festivity.

Not to be missed is the stunning display of fireworks which celebrates both the Saint and as well as all those in love.

February 14th along the Sorrento peninsula, thanks to the fusion of these two celebrations – that of the Patron Saint as well as that of lovers – represents truly a state of mind. Only those who have had the opportunity of taking part are able to explain the immense emotions and deep feelings of this unique occasion.

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