Month: June 2019

It begins, never-ending and without interruption. The same old question … what are you doing this summer?

Well, we’ve got an idea. If you’re looking for a quiet and charming place to enjoy a few days of relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by an oasis of peace and tranquility, spoilt and lulled by the sounds of the sea in a warm and competent setting, then we’ve got you covered. Ready to tease your 5 senses, one by one? Let’s get started!


Of course, it rhymes with the sea. Waterfront view…sounds pretty good. All the Deluxe rooms at Laqua overlook the sea. Just perfect as you enjoy your 3-night stay with the “Sorrento Summer Special”.


Enjoy the breakfast buffet full of local specialties in our breakfast room. You’ll wake up with the sea in your eyes, agreed, but to start the day off right, you’ll need an excellent breakfast.


The unmistakable, soothing sound of the sea moving calmly, slowly and ready to welcome you. The heated saltwater pool with its quiet gurgling sound inviting you for a swim. And what about the other noice? The rushing water coming from the tropical chromotherapy shower and sauna. We simply cannot help but hear that too.


Close your eyes. Laqua’s therapist in our wellness area will give you each a moment of relaxation, a relaxing 30-minute back massage.


Can you smell something like rose petals?

Spoiler: Laqua has prepared a little surprise for you. In your room, you’ll find fragrant petals and decorated with colored lights and balloons.


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Month: June 2019


A treatment to find the well-being of mind and body

Today we want to talk about a very special treatment, inspired by ancient rituals from the Polynesian Islands and introduced to Europe for its many beneficial effects for the body and mind.

This 55-minute multisensory experience uses unique shells, generally coming from the crystal-clear waters of the Philippines. The smooth and velvety shells are a mixture of calcium carbonate, absorbent substances and minerals which, when touched, release positive ions providing you with a deep sense of peace and harmony.

Many active ingredients are found in the outer part of the shells as well as in the mixture of oils and natural elements prepared by our therapist. Your skin will be nourished with minerals and important trace elements for cellular osmosis.

The ritual is individually designed by our therapist after an initial check-up so as to better understand your psychophysical characteristics and the problems needing to be addressed. The oil mixture and sequence of steps may vary.

Beginning with a pleasant and relaxing full-body massage with oil followed by the shell mixture. A special natural compound is poured into the shells, which will heat them thoroughly. They’ll retain their heat for more than an hour. Expertly designed and embracing movements will remind you of the sounds of the waves lapping along the shores.

All-over your body will feel deeply at ease. Your blood and lymphatic circulation will improve as you are cleansed, liquids have been eliminated and your cellulite has been treated. Your skin will instantly look smooth, silky and radiant.

Make your stay even more memorable with this exclusive treatment. Send an email to for further details.



Month: June 2019

Why do you think it takes days or even weeks to get away from the chaos of everyday life? It doesn’t take much to take a break. Well, not that little. It’s not enough just to stop. If you want to find a moment to physically and mentally recharge your batteries, you need to surround yourself with the right surroundings, to experience “a thousand emotions” in one night.

Our home offers

A Deluxe room overlooking the sea, where you take in the “blue eyes” of the Sorrento peninsula. For starters, breakfast with local Sorrento products, served on the terrace of your room. And it goes on. Enjoy Laqua’s wellness area: heated saltwater pool, chromotherapy tropical shower and sauna. For your pleasure, a relaxing 50-minute massage per person by our experienced masseurs and masseuses.

Your day

Once you’ve arrived and you’ve had a chance to see your Deluxe room overlooking the marvelous Sorrento Bay, all you’ve got to do is to decide what sort of rhythm you want your day to have.

You can unwind immediately in the wellness area or plan an excursion to one of the many nearby local attractions or cultural sites we’ve recommended and described in our magazine section. It’s up to you. Or how about making an appointment with our therapist for 50 minutes of complete relaxation and well-being. And tomorrow? It’s another day! Obviously, but it’ll start in an unforgettable way; enjoy an exquisite breakfast with local Sorrento products, served overlooking the sea on your room’s private terrace. Intimate moments to experience the beauty and grandeur of the sea and the horizon over Sorrento.


  • 1 night in a Deluxe room overlooking the sea;
  • Breakfast with Sorrento products served on your room’s private terrace;
  • Access to the wellness area: heated saltwater pool, chromotherapy tropical shower and sauna;
  • Relaxing 50-minute massage (per person) in our wellness area.


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Month: June 2019

We often hear people talking about “getting away from their hectic lifestyles”, “getting out of the grind of things” and even ” putting a stop to the world”. But what does it take to take a break? We mean a real life hiatus. A relaxing, energizing and regenerating moment. A break your body and mind can benefit from. Do you really have to go far? All you need is a week. Just wait until your next vacation!

Laqua Charme & Boutique has come up with the perfect escape for those wanting to treat themselves to a bit of authentic relaxation along the Sorrento coast, together with some of the most effective yoga principles and doctrines.

We’ll take you on a journey. It only take four days. What do you think? Ready to go?

First Day

Well-being begins with our rooms furnished according to the principles of Feng Shui, a Chinese term which literally means “wind and water” and indicates an ancient Taoist geomantic art, an architectural support which also takes into consideration both psychological and astrological elements.

Enjoy a depurative drink with herbs grown along the Sorrento Coast and a slice of fresh fruit in your room. Welcome to our home.

Second Day

Begin your day with a breakfast full of local products, served directly in your room.

After you’ve eaten, get ready for a proper and initial “Surya Namaskār” (Salute to the Sun) along with your yoga lesson along the seashore, lasting one hour and thirty minutes.

Continue your day with a private car tour to the archaeological excavations in Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. The tour lasts 8 hours.

Third Day

Getting used to having breakfast in your room? Good, because even today a rich assortment of exquisite treats from our peninsula.

On your third day, you get to make a pleasant choice: a private car tour of the treasures along the Amalfi Coast or a boat tour of the magical island of Capri? So what will it be?

Whatever the case, when you return each of you will be treated to a relaxing 45-minute “Onda Marina” massage in our wellness area.

Last but not least and what a wonderful way to conclude this day packed with emotions and amazing settings, a magical “starry” dinner. We’ve reserved a table for two at the Michelin 1-Star restaurant “Il Buco di Sorrento” complete with the “Mi Fido di Te” tasting menu; a selection of different creations chosen especially by Chef Peppe. The menu includes 5 courses and does not include beverages.

Fourth Day

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your breakfast, of course! Delicious local specialties, now familiar to you, will make your morning even better!

Afterwards, enjoy a soothing and lymphatic drainage facial with an anti-aging mask, 45 minutes per person, in the wellness area. We welcomed the sun upon your arrival and we want to say goodbye while you’re taking in the last sunset of your detox holiday. So take a deep breath and head to the beach, by the sea, for your “Sunset yoga” lesson. Enjoy this one hour and a half session.

Fifth Day

A rich breakfast with the unforgettable excellence of Sorrento, followed by your check out and departure.

The Yoga, Wellness and Sea Package is available starting from € 199.00* per person per day.

* the price may vary depending on the period you choose


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