Month: August 2019


Pompeii, an open-air museum

A destination for millions of tourists, a UNESCO heritage since 1997.

The Pompeii Escavations are one of the many treasures kept in the Campania countryside. They are a true testimony of Roman civilization thanks to the state of conservation of the town, which remained almost completely intact after the tragic, devastating and still considered the most violent eruption of Vesuvius in the 79 d.C.

Pompeii excavations are a really open-air museum that tells the story of a civilization at the time of the Romans who for centuries have dominated Italy and Europe and the rest of the globe.

In the middle of the 18th century, after the discovery of the remains of Herculaneum, the Borboniís Family ordered the excavations, which were carried out for more than a thousand years, with the intention of giving prestige to their homes by enriching the territory of treasures recovered from the past.

Once you have passed one of the gates that is close to what once were the gates of the city, the visitor will make a real time journey through the various streets of the city including the most important street of Abundance, on which there are the most famous houses and shops in the city, or to visit public monuments such as the theater or the amphitheater, not to mention the many domus or villas where you can still admire extraordinary frescoes such as the Villa dei Misteri or the home of the cool Lovers , which help us to understand the habits and the taste of the owners of ancient Roman civilization.

Not to mention the numerous archaeological finds where the visitor will have the opportunity to come across his exciting walk, such as amphorae or ancient objects of the time, or the castles of the inhabitants who unfortunately failed to save themselves from the tragic eruption that we can today admire today thanks to the archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli; like those of the two lovers, who still create their own interesting and magical legends.