A treatment to find the well-being of mind and body

Today we want to talk about a very special treatment, inspired by ancient rituals from the Polynesian Islands and introduced to Europe for its many beneficial effects for the body and mind.

This 55-minute multisensory experience uses unique shells, generally coming from the crystal-clear waters of the Philippines. The smooth and velvety shells are a mixture of calcium carbonate, absorbent substances and minerals which, when touched, release positive ions providing you with a deep sense of peace and harmony.

Many active ingredients are found in the outer part of the shells as well as in the mixture of oils and natural elements prepared by our therapist. Your skin will be nourished with minerals and important trace elements for cellular osmosis.

The ritual is individually designed by our therapist after an initial check-up so as to better understand your psychophysical characteristics and the problems needing to be addressed. The oil mixture and sequence of steps may vary.

Beginning with a pleasant and relaxing full-body massage with oil followed by the shell mixture. A special natural compound is poured into the shells, which will heat them thoroughly. They’ll retain their heat for more than an hour.¬†Expertly designed and embracing movements will remind you of the sounds of the waves lapping along the shores.

All-over your body will feel deeply at ease. Your blood and lymphatic circulation will improve as you are cleansed, liquids have been eliminated and your cellulite has been treated. Your skin will instantly look smooth, silky and radiant.

Make your stay even more memorable with this exclusive treatment. Send an email to wellness@laquaspa.it for further details.