The Archaeological Museum of Naples “MANN” will host in March 2019 a unique and unmissable exhibition dedicated to the artist of Neoclassicism Antonio Canova entitled “Canova e l’antico”.

There will be six of his works in the exhibition: The Genius of Death, Dancer, The  Ebe, l’Amorino alato. The scalptures Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss and the group of The Three Graces symbol of formal beauty following classic architectural canons.

The works are currently preserved and treasured in the Ermitage Museum in San Pietroburgo.

The exclusive art exhibition will be a unique occasion for all the art lovers or simply the most curious who want to see one of the most beautiful museums of Italy and Naples city.

Courtesy of the Ermitage Museum all the visitors are going to admire the roman statue: Sleeping Hermaphroditus and the bronze group of Ercole e Lica.

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