The Byzantine New Year’s Day it is an historical and very important cultural event that founds its historic roots in IV century a.C.

The historical justification of the Byzantine New Year’s Day  is that the legal and fiscal year began on September, 1st in all of the countries subjected to the Byzantine Emperor.

On that day all of the leaders of the Maritime Republic of the town of Amalfi in its early aristocratic period came into the office of the Byzantine Emperor.

This administrative practice begins from the IV century, expectually in 839 a.C, the year of the birth of the autonomous republic until the first half of the X century.

In the Amalfi Coast the annual election of the representatives of the towns was taken up under the Anjou domination lasted until the kingdom of the Bourbons.

In Atrani’s Church “San Salvatore de’ Birecto”, in the palatine chapel, the Dukes of Amalfi were crowned with the chlamys and cap symbol of ducal power. In the the Church’s atrium the investiture of the conference of parliaments took place.

From August, 31st to Septeber,01st 2018 the special event of the 2018 Byzantine New Year’s Day will take place with a special event and the investiture of “Magister”, a person who was born or lived in the Amalfi Coast and who was conspicuous by its absence, national or international, with its work in science scene or political, medical or art and sport discipline, promoting the name of the town.

After the proclaimed in Medieval language an historical parade moves from the village of Atrani to the town of Amalfi with more than hundred actors in original costumes designed in 1950.