Tell me which experience you've chosen and I'll tell you who you are. We've selected 3 of our luxurious packages, each designed to make your stay on Lake Orta both personal and unforgettable.

For the super busy 

1 night, 2 people

You may fall into the category, those who have very little time and are almost always wrapped up in their daily lives. But even you deserve a break, a moment for the well-being of your body and mind.

We have come up with the “Escape the Routine” – a 1-night getaway treat, an overnight stay on Lake Orta in one of our stunning apartments with a relaxing experience in our Longevity Suite. Try the ultimate adrenaline rush in the Cryosauna, a treatment booth that can reach -95°C/-140°F. Each session lasts up to 5 minutes, enough to boost your energy levels and improve skin elasticity.

To finish up your wellness program, choose a holistic massage from either the Full Body Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Body Detox. 50 minutes to turn all your built-up stress and tension into a distant memory.

How difficult can it be to reach your daily goals if you suffer from chronic insomnia? If this describes you, Laqua by the Lake has just the thing to help restore a healthy sleep pattern with the “Sleep Better” package. Treat yourself to 3 nights on Lake Orta and in one of our romantic apartments.

Their sleek, geometric design and sweeping views of the surroundings will offer you that much-needed harmony and mental relaxation. But it doesn’t end there. Enjoy up to 3 Cryosauna sessions, the benefits of which include improved sleep quality.

Our Wellness Suite will also invite you to experience the magical touch of our Deep Infinity Touch holistic massage aimed at restoring a healthy endocrine equilibrium. Your journey towards better, deeper sleep will finish up with 3 multi-sensory and de-stressing treatments.

For Our Light-Sleepers

3 nights, 2 people

For the athletes 

7 nights, 2 people

Perhaps you wish to relax, but at the same time feel the urge to tone your body and muscles. Why not turn your stay at Lake Orta into a real 8-day challenge with the “Intensive Naturally Slim” package?

You can burn up to 600 Kcal with each of the 6 Cryosauna sessions, as well as redefine your body and minimize cellulite with our Cryodraining treatments. Tone your body and get rid of any imperfections with our remodeling and connective tissue massages for rapid physical healing fit for all athletes.

Your quest for your best physical health may also be further supplemented with our detox tea kits and dedicated daily skincare kits.

Listen to your body.
Treat it to the ultimate
relaxing experience!



The childhood home of a Michelin-starred chef becomes a luxury resort in the Sorrento countryside; this is the story of our Laqua Countryside.

Travel back in time

A child is sitting on the terrace, and it is Sunday morning. The first april sun is warming his skin. His grandmother is at the stove, the smell of ragù is in the air. Antonino quietly go in the kitchen, steal a piece of bread and sink it in the meat sauce. If they found out…He savors his grandmother’s love, the freshness of the ingredients she placed in the pot, and all the patience cooking requires.

Today we see Antonino, the man who is no longer a child. His grandmother’s voice is just a sweet memory, but the house in the heart of Ticciano has the same soul even if it is now an elegant retreat and resort for anyone looking for peace and quiet in Nature.

This is how our Laqua Countryside, once the childhood home of Antonino Cannavacciuolo, came to be. Today it is a fairy-tale haven, with 6 luxurious rooms, a Michelin 1-star restaurant, with an endless vegetable garden crowning its bond with eco-sustainability. Of immense pride for the Chef, bringing back to its former glory the home he had started his dreams from, a future perhaps already woven into his grandmother’s delicious ragù.

Those same rooms where Antonino Cannavacciuolo spent his childhood are now refined guest rooms at the resort. Each one tells a story of the people who in the past left their own legacy at the manor house.

La stanza della Nonna (Grandmother’s Room), with its “Asiago peach rose” marble bathroom, smells of memories and lavender. On the other hand, “La stanza del tuttofare” (The Handyman’s Room) tucks away here and there replicas of tools the man used to take care of the house. More eccentric in style is “La stanza dello Zio Matto” (The Mad Uncle’s Room), which proudly displays all the memorabilia he kept.

“La stanza del Curato” (The Parish Priest’s Room), with its rose-hued “Calacatta Statuario” marble bathroom and crystal glasses, embodies all the grandeur and class of the person who stayed there. Much more cozy, “La stanza di Annarella” (Annarella’s room), with its navy blue tones and old Olivetti typewriter. Intimate and modern, located at the highest point of the resort, “La stanza di Marina” (Marina’s Room), who always had a thin cigarette between her fingers.

6 rooms telling their own tales

Photos credits: Francesca Pagliai

Details and tidbits about Laqua Countryside        

Laqua Countryside not only chronicles the childhood of Antonino Cannavacciuolo and the past of many others, but also of the present full of passions. The entire struc ture embodies the ties to the territory and tradition, starting with the materials used.

The walls are made of limestone, gathered when cleaning the grounds following old Campanian peasant traditions. The flooring inside also embraces tradition, this time from ancient Rome, as it is made using the cocciopesto technique (a sort of natural plaster made with crushed pottery and brick). Adding an even more homey touch are sculptures made by Andrea Cannavacciuolo, the Chef’s father. Take a look at this vibrant collection on the main staircase.

Our resort in Ticciano is an endless woven array of stories; those of the family, the surrounding territory, and the guests who each day make this magical place along the Sorrentine Peninsula even wealthier in memories.

Be mindful of the memories you
create of the world you live in;
they may reflect your successes.



It's impossible to visit all of Tuscany in just one day. We've created the perfect day-trip for you. All you have to do is experience the beauty of this region even in just a few hours.

From Terricciola to the Arno riverbanks of Pisa

10:00 AM

Among the things you can do near Pisa in a day, we first recommend paying a visit to Laqua Vineyard. Our new resort in Terricciola is the perfect starting point to soak up the atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside. Pastel-colored landscapes and poetic vineyards are the first things you’ll see from the windows of your elegant apartment.

All around you, as you explore the tiny village of Casanova, you’ll encounter ancient stone farmhouses and wineries telling a uniquely Italian story. As we mentioned, Laqua Vineyard is the starting point and your final stop; in the middle, there is an excursion to Pisa.

In less than an hour, you can walk along the Arno River, marvel at the world’s most famous leaning tower, and visit the Church of Santa Maria della Spina. The city’s artistic heritage will enchant you, as it provides a lasting memory of this trip.

The things to do near Pisa in a day have by no means run out. Once back in Terricciola, you’re in for an afternoon with a bit of a Tuscan flavor, a bit of a Piedmontese flavor. Bringing the two regions together is a wine tasting at our next-door neighbor’s, La Spinetta.

If you have booked it as one of our additional services, we’ll organize this food and wine experience in detail. The tour is an exploration of the history and philosophy of the winery, which is followed by the tasting of 3 wines from Piedmont and 3 from Tuscany.

And of course, there will be plenty of local delicacies, such as olive oil, cheese and cured meats, to tantalize your palate and create memories of an authentic taste of Italy.

Wine tasting just around the corner

4:00 PM

One last treat at our resort

6:00 PM

After you’ve returned to Laqua Vineyard, you won’t need to move again to enjoy other thrilling experiences. All you will need to do is head to our Wellness Suite and restore your body and mind with our spa treatments. Choose from a traditional relaxing total body massage or a body treatment using grape seed oil made in the Tuscan vineyards.

If you wish to pamper your skin, on the other hand, the Japanese Kobido facial massage will tone and stimulate microcirculation. With the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage, you will reconnect to your innermost self, and you’ll feel younger thanks to its lifting effect treatment. There is a unique treatment for every need, a little something for each guest.

Later in the evening, your stomach will also need a special treat. And you’ll find it in our restaurant, designed by Antonino Cannavacciuolo. One last exquisite, gourmet experience before heading back to your apartment where you can fall asleep to the song of the crickets and memories of all the wonderful things you experienced during the day.

Emotions have
no limits
of time.

Cover photo credits: Francesca Pagliai



Enjoy the most romantic stretch of water in Piedmont from one of its 18 apartments. When you need some peace and quiet, Laqua by the Lake is the home along Lake Orta you've been looking for.

Your lakeside apartment

When designing a resort on Lake Orta, the first question is, “How can we ensure that our guests revel in the Lake’s romantic atmosphere?” And of course, simple lake-view rooms would not be enough, but a more familiar and engaging experience is exactly what is needed.

This vision gave shape to the 18 apartments of our Laqua by the Lake, each with its own living room, kitchen and bathroom. Whichever you choose, you’ll feel like you’re living your own life in your own home on Lake Orta. A place where you’ll wake up early just to pull back the curtains of your suite to take in the spectacular surroundings.

Maybe you’ll prefer the intimacy of the private garden in one of our two-room apartments or the comfort of one of our spacious three-room apartments overlooking the Lake. You’ll always feel right at home.

Our home on Lake Orta doesn’t offer not only one-bedroom, two-bedroom or three-bedroom suites with living rooms. Laqua by the Lake also has a few surprises. At the property’s highest point are two penthouses with breathtaking views, spacious terraces and outdoor Jacuzzis.

Whoever chooses a penthouse chooses a living dream and the perfect compliment for that romantic touch … the bathtub covered with rose petals and glasses of champagne to share with your loved one.

One of the penthouses is the perfect place to gaze at the stars and town lights reflecting on Lake Orta by night.

Two penthouses on Laqua by the Lake

Brand new menu designed by Cannavacciuolo and Bertone  

Some guests may prefer to cook for themselves in their apartments, in the utmost comfort, or they may choose to be pampered in our Bistrot. A restaurant inside the resort, directly overlooking Lake Orta, where Executive Chef Gianni Bertone leads his brigade.

The dishes, bearing Chef Cannavacciuolo’s signature, pay homage to local fresh produce and the love of flawless details. And for early August, a brand new menu was launched, bringing together the flavors of the soil and water in a vast selection of delicious discoveries.

Appetizers include the delightful “Fassona tartare, burrata, hazelnut and anchovies,” and then move on to “Potato gnocchi with seafood carbonara” as the first course. “Beef tenderloin, yogurt and friggitelli green peppers” is a mouthwatering choice as the main course, then followed by “Coconut, lime and mint” to close on a high note.

All homes are special.
But a lake home is a
dreamer's retreat.

Photos credits: Beatrice Pilotto



With its vegetable garden, new vegetarian menu and several ecological options, Laqua Countryside is an eco-friendly resort in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula.

How Laqua Countryside helps the Planet

Our resort in Ticciano, on the Sorrento Peninsula, is set in the childhood home of Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. Love for the land and fresh produce were key to our eco-friendly project, which aims at safeguarding the environment.

First of all, Laqua Countryside prides itself with a private vegetable garden of more than 1,000 square meters, and which provides many of the vegetables used in the dishes on the menu. To cut down on any water waste, only rainwater is used for irrigating. Our eco-friendly resort uses a heat pump system as well as thermal insulation coat to minimize energy loss.

All materials themselves adhere to the philosophy of recycling and reuse, as they mostly come from the original building prior to the renovation. From the ground up, this is a construction project that fully embraces respect for the Planet and its resources.

What would an environmentally friendly resort be without a distinct vegetarian tasting menu? Gourmet dishes carrying the excellence of 1 Michelin star and the freshness of local produce.

The “Carpe Diem” menu at Laqua Countryside is a triumph of ingredients grown in our garden with love and care. Along with “celeriac with hazelnut and lemon”, guests can enjoy “beet bresaola with red fruit and red onion”. And you’ve got to try the “onions, vermouth and miso”, a boldly flavored main course that packs all the goodness of Nature.

A culinary experience you can also enjoy outdoors; catch a glimpse of the garden that provides the same gourmet dishes on the menu.

Gourmet Eco-Sustainability

From the garden to the kitchen with the Chef

The beauty of Laqua Countryside is a bundle of elements of unquestionable charm; Ticciano and its splendid location on the Sorrento Peninsula, the 6 rooms with a family flavor, along with being totally surrounded by unspoiled Nature. In fact, it is precisely the latter, the star of the new experience dedicated to food lovers.

It starts with a trip through our bountiful vegetable garden, where you can sense all the care devoted to its cultivation. Then continue to the kitchen, where Executive Chef Nicola Somma will prepare a delicious dish with freshly harvested ingredients, sharing with you all his secrets as a star chef. You will assist in every step of its preparation, which you can then enjoy at the end of this adventure from the garden to the kitchen.

You’ll be given a handmade apron, a symbolic participation certificate signed by Chef Cannavacciuolo, and a memento of an unforgettable morning.

Reconnect with the land
and beauty of the
most pristine Nature

Photos credits: Francesca Pagliai



Laqua by the Lake, in the heart of Pettenasco, is the perfect place if you don't quite know what to do on Lake Orta... 3 days of pure romance, adrenaline and well-being.

Our SPA on Lake Orta

day 1

One suggestion of what to do on Lake Orta in 3 days would be to include an experience in our exclusive “The Longevity Suite” SPA. Intimate and relaxing, a place where all sources of stress are gently eased out.

Start your morning with a rejuvenating cryosauna session. What’s this, you ask? Imagine … a total body treatment that lasts from 3 to 5 minutes in an electrically cooled cabin reaching temperatures between -85°C/-121F and -95°C/-139F. Its multiple benefits include more energy, better sleep and mood, and you can burn up to 600 kcal per session.

Your journey towards well-being and relaxation continues with our Holistic massages, a bit of pure full-body indulgence. And what about your skin? Want fresher and toned skin? One of our fully personalized anti-aging beauty treatments is just what you need.

What can you do on Lake Orta in 3 days if you are with the one you love? We’ve got the answer for that too! Why not add a few romantic experiences to make your stay at Laqua by the Lake even more memorable.

After a day of well-being and outer beauty, start your second day with a lavish and exclusive breakfast on the spectacular lakefront. After that, enjoy a dip on the terrace in a double Jacuzzi covered with fragrant rose petals, complete with a bottle of Champagne and a stunning view of the nature around you.

Finish the afternoon on a high note with a gourmet aperitif by the lake. Delicious finger foods, straight from our Bistrot kitchen, served in an intimate private gazebo.

A romantic getaway from the city

day 2

An adrenaline rush on Lake Orta

day 3

And for your third day on Lake Orta, how about a bit of an adrenaline-fueled adventure? The activities you can add to your stay at Laqua by the Lake have all been designed to create spectacular and exciting memories.

Don’t miss out on our Lampuga air jetboard, an all-electric surfboard that can reach 50 km/h. Whiz around the water and savor that feeling of freedom, not just on the jetboard. Go water skiing, wakeboarding, or wake-surfing.

But if you want something without the speed, take a ride on our Stand-Up board. Want something more? Discover the area by hiking and taking an e-bike for a totally eco-friendly experience. All of these activities will give you the chance to enjoy the real “jewel” … the incredible Nature all around you that will make your experience even more remarkable and memorable.

Now that you know what's possible on Lake d'Orta in 3 days, all you have to do is just join us.



A gorgeous country estate nestled among the vineyards, an old Etruscan village
and 6 apartments detailing the story of the Olympian Gods.
Laqua Vineyard is the latest addition to our luxurious Laqua Resorts Collection,
just a few miles from Pisa in Tuscany.

A new luxury resort in Tuscany

Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his wife Cinzia Primatesta opened their Collection Resorts in 2021, with three ultra-elegant yet family-friendly properties. Just one year later, the fourth has been added; Laqua Vineyard in Tuscany, among the vineyards of Terricciola, a town a few miles from Pisa.

Taking a closer look, the historic country estate, home to our Resort, is located in Casanova delle Spinette, a quaint little Tuscan hamlet. The atmosphere is that of stepping back to basics, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Vacation in Nature; immerse yourself and rediscover the freshest and most genuine products the Territory has to offer. Guests can feel right at home in one of the six apartments named after Greek gods for a mythological-hued retreat.


Laqua Vineyard and all its offers


Photo of Francesca Pagliai

Our Laqua Vineyard is not just a luxury resort in Tuscany, with its elegant décor and enchanting panoramic views of the countryside. It is, first and foremost, a place to reconnect with yourself and the territory. It is a marriage of exquisite wines and the expertise of Antonino Cannavacciuolo's gourmet cuisine, best experienced in the Cannavacciuolo Vineyard Restaurant, located right inside the Resort.

A moment of relaxation everyone deserves, complete with a dedicated spa area. This all-encompassing Resort, just a few miles from Pisa, offers loads of pampering and opportunities to recharge where couples and families can discover a corner of Italy all over again. Each apartment is very much like home, with its own living area, private kitchen, and cozy rooms overlooking the Tuscan vineyards. 

Laqua Vineyard in fields of lavender and sunflowers 


The Laqua Vineyard resort lies immersed in unspoiled Nature and portrays the most authentic and well-hidden Italy. A jewel to be discovered, just like the village of Casanova, the town of Terricciola, and Tuscany's gorgeous countryside. During the summer, you can enjoy the endless fields of lavender and sunflowers on a bike, car, or motorcycle. A spectacular display of incredible colors.

Vineyards and wineries scattered throughout the area also provide a glimpse of the region's heritage. And speaking of wineries, Laqua Vineyard's ristorante gives guests the chance to experience the exquisite wines from "La Spinetta," a local winery in Terricciola, our Tuscan luxury resort with which already has a long-standing partnership.



Experience an authentic
Italian love story






Positano, the vertical city, is located just 20 minutes from Sorrento. It is the first village you come across when traveling along the coastal SS 163. Perched overlooking the sea with its colorful houses, Positano is a delightful village you can explore on foot down steps and narrow streets. Perfect for visiting all year round for relaxation, shopping, food, and culture.

Exciting, lively, and colorful, Positano offers dreamy beaches, breathtaking views, luxury shopping, and stunning surroundings to explore.

Where can you go for a swim and get some sun, or maybe an aperitif? Certainly, the Spiaggia Grande (the main beach), stretching for 300 meters at the foot of the perched village. Or Fornillo, a more sheltered and secluded beach, protected as it was 500 years ago by watchtowers against pirates coming from the sea.

Positano is also beautiful from the sea. Grab one of the boat taxis that leaves from the Spiaggia Grande and explore the hidden bays and coves. Be sure to visit Cavone.

Finally, who can resist shopping? Positano is famous worldwide for its handmade leather sandals and colorful caftans, symbols of “Positano Fashion” since the ’60s. The history and culture of this picturesque village are kept in the Roman Archaeological Museum, a Roman site located beneath the Oratory of the Chiesa di SS. Maria Assunta.

Positano panorama


Just a stone’s throw from Sorrento, Vico Equense is the largest town along the Sorrento peninsula. It is considered one of the most beautiful destinations on the coast with its unique blend of the Lattari Mountains and the blue sea, overlooking one of the most breathtaking views in the world.

The landscape is postcard perfect. The historic town center is on a rocky ridge overlooking the sea, dominated by the rose-colored facade of the Chiesa di Santa Maria Annunziata.

Vico Equense is the perfect destination, especially for those who love the sea, traditions, history, culture, and excellent cuisine. And don’t forget that in the small village of Ticciano, the Michelin-star Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo was born here.

So, what can you do for a day in Vico Equense? Begin by basking in the sun on the beaches of Marina di Aequa or Tordigliano, overlooking the famous islets of Li Galli (“The Sirenusas”), where, according to legend, the mermaids lived. Or you can enjoy the healing waters of the thermal baths in Scrajo, which were already well-known and appreciated by the Romans.

History buffs will want to visit the Antiquarium Silio Italico; located in the town hall, this museum has more than 200 artifacts from the ancient civilizations of this area – Greeks, Etruscans, Italics – which bear witness to an ancient settlement built here in the 7th century BC.

In the evening, Vico comes to life with its trendy bars and the exciting nightlife in Marina di Aequa.


This village, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is in the province of Salerno, less than 40 km from Sorrento. It is one of the lesser-known towns along the coast (and, therefore, one of the most intriguing to explore).

In addition to the colorful handmade ceramics, Ravello is also known as the City of Music. For 65 years, it has hosted the Ravello Festival, an international classical music festival held each year in July. You just have to experience one of the concerts at dawn. Simply breathtaking, on the terrace of Villa Rufolo overlooking the silent sea.

But Ravello is also zealous and proud of its local traditions, as demonstrated by its Museo del Corallo and its religious and architectural heritage. Don’t miss a visit to Villa Rufolo, which even bewitched the musician Richard Wagner. Or to the Duomo of Ravello, one of the oldest former cathedrals in Italy as it dates back to 1086. Another must is a stop at the “Terrazza dell’Infinito” at Villa Cimbrone; a unique observation point 400 meters above sea level, where you can lose yourself while looking at the horizon, which seems to never end.


Nerano is the paradise of the sea, of authentic cuisine, and of peacefulness. This quaint little village is located on the extreme tip of the coast and can be reached by boat or by car from Sorrento and Naples.

Its main beach, the bay of Nerano, is stony and overlooks transparent, fresh seawater ranging from turquoise to ultramarine blue. In addition to the full-service bathing facilities, you can also enjoy wide stretches of accessible beaches, perfect for relaxing and soaking in the splendid views.

Seaside restaurants make it possible to try the incredibly delicious spaghetti “alla Nerano” with zucchini, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and Monaco provolone cheese.

For the more adventurous, the Baia di Ieranto is worth a visit; starting from the town center, a 2 km path leads to a protected bay directly overlooking the Faraglioni of Capri.


To experience the silence and mountainous soul of the Sorrento Coast, you should visit the village of S. Agata sui Due Golfi. The village gets its name from the fact that it overlooks the gulfs of Salerno and Naples. From the Monastero del Deserto, at almost 400 mt above sea level, you can admire the magnificent view of the Sorrento peninsula, Vesuvius, the Flegree Islands – Ischia and Procida – as well as Capri.

The center of the village is dominated by the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie. Inside the church, there is an altar dating back to 1600 with mother-of-pearl and marble inlays.

Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi also merits a visit for its exquisite cuisine. Cheese lovers can visit one of the local dairies to taste the typical products from the Monti Lattari, which get their name from this region’s long and important dairy tradition.

View of Procida from above



View of Procida from above

Procida, the Italian Capital of Culture 2022

It is the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples and probably the least known in comparison to the most popular tourist destinations of Ischia and Capri. Procida is an authentic pearl of the Campania archipelago, an enchanting place which carefully safeguards its own identity and traditions, away from the classic itineraries and can easily be seen on foot in just one day.

But not only that, Procida is also the Italian Capital of Culture 2022, the first island to win this coveted honor.

Thanks to its 44 cultural projects, 330 days of programming, 240 artists and 40 original works of art, throughout 2022 Procida will be the perfect place to surround yourself with its natural beauty and rediscover the age-old traditions of a community that is itself part of the island’s cultural heritage.


The Island of a Thousand Colors

Easily to reach by ferry from Sorrento (but only in summer) and Naples, Procida will captivate you from the very first moment you step into the port of Marina Grande. All of the small colorful houses overlooking the crystal clear sea will give you the impression of being inside an authentic outdoor painting. Welcomed by the thousands of enveloping colors, you’ll want to explore the island and get lost amongst the numerous narrow alleys that adorn this beautiful little corner of paradise.

The beating heart of Procida, Marina Grande is the shopping and tourist center. Full of cafés and restaurants, you can enjoy the typical local cuisine as well as go shopping along the most famous Via Roma.


Terra Murata and Palazzo D’Avalos

Along original passageways and alleys with a magnificent view overlooking the sea, you can walk to Terra Murata, an ancient medieval village encircled by walls built in the 16th century to protect the population from being attacked by the sea. Here is the historic center of Procida. With a short walk uphill, you can reach the Abbazia di San Michele Arcangelo and the Palazzo D’Avalos (an imposing structure visible from the mainland and famous because it was a prison until 1988).


Corricella: the Fishermen’s Village

Your daily visit must include a tour of the island’s oldest fishing village, Marina della Corricella. It is famous for being the film set of Massimo Troisi’s “Il Postino.”

Overlooking the blue sea of the enchanting Gulf of Naples, the village will offer you a relaxing stroll. You’ll enjoy the famous fishermen’s cottages with their pastel colors and “Vefi” or unique balconies covered with Arabic arches.

If you love the peace and quiet, as well as the scents of the sea, this is the perfect corner of the island for you. And don’t forget to stop for a fresh-fish dinner at one of the few restaurants in the area. You’ve got to do this!


Beaches Not to Be Missed

We have to mention the wonderful beaches of Procida with their fine sand, made famous by the iconic 1999 film “The Talented Mr. Ripley” starring Matt Damon and Jude Law. After all, Procida, first of all, is the sea.

The island has many beaches, almost all accessible, small bays and coves perfect for exploring the area.

Among the most famous on the west side is the famous Pozzo Vecchio beach with its black volcanic sand and the beaches of Ciraccio and Chiaiolella. The latter is the largest and busiest of Procida, ideal for families with children and those who want to enjoy a boat ride to explore coves and caves visible only from the sea. But most of all, it is the best place for a swim under the warm colors of one of the most spectacular sunsets on the whole island.

Young girl eats overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento



Young girl eats overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento

What’s good to eat in Sorrento and along the Sorrento Peninsula?

Flavors from the sea and land, unique traditions, the best of Mediterranean cuisine, and world-famous dishes. We are talking about the Cuisine of Sorrento and its surroundings, fragrant, tasty, but also delicate and robust. This is because the strip of coast of the Sorrento peninsula is nestled between the Lattari Mountains, where the delicious Fiordilatte and Provolone del Monaco DOP cheeses are made. And the sea, offering fish, shellfish and seafood prepared and served in thousands of different ways.

t is difficult to single out just one dish as the “star” of the Sorrentine cuisine. This is a territory of big flavors and talents, as demonstrated by the pastry art of Sal De Riso and by the fame of the star Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, who was born right here, in the charming Ticciano, a small village of Vico Equense, only 7 km from Sorrento.


Anchovies, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus and Seafood – Freshness at the Table

Pezzogna all’acqua pazza (typical white fish with tomato, garlic, parsley and white wine), impepata di cozze (peppered mussels), and seppioline ripiene (stuffed cuttlefish) are three typical recipes, just to mention a few. But the cuisine of Sorrento is a real celebration of seafood, from appetizers to first and second courses, with fresh ingredients and a hint of something special, the fragrant Sorrento lemons, tomatoes, and DOP olive oil.

The fish, arriving fresh every day, is served grilled, marinated, or fried. Succulent shellfish as a first course with spaghetti, or as a delicious sfizio, sautéed with garlic, oil, parsley and a generous handful of hot pepper.

Octopus is the star of Sorrentine cuisine. In particular polpetti affogati, small octopuses simmered for two hours in an earthenware pot with tomatoes then served with chopped parsley still steaming.

Another delicious dish: local cod, eaten poached with a bit of lemon juice, salt and fresh parsley. It is of superior quality compared to Atlantic cod because it is completely fat-free.


Meaty goodness

The inland areas of Sorrento and neighboring towns are famous for pork. Try the sausages with a side dish of friarielli, the slightly bitter broccoli typical of the Campania plain, and the starters made with local cured meats. Don’t forget to try the grilled fillet and goat meat.


Local fresh fruits and vegetables and high-quality specialties

The prince of Sorrento cuisine is the Sorrento tomato: cultivated throughout the region, it is large and round, with a very delicate flavor. Together with fiordilatte cheese from Agerola (similar to fresh mozzarella) and basil, it is the famous Caprese salad.

The fertile soil, mild climate and terraced cultivations also offer flavorful eggplants, peppers, and zucchini. One of the most famous territorial first courses is creamy Spaghetti con le Zucchine with shaved caciocavallo cheese.

And what about the Sorrento walnuts, with their crisp white nut and thin skin? They are a real delicacy. Try them in Nocino, a typical liqueur, or Spaghetti con le Noci with garlic and anchovies.

The ever-present ingredient in Sorrento dishes is DOP olive oil from Sorrento. Fruity, with greenish reflections, this oil is made from olives harvested by hand in the olive groves dotting the Sorrento peninsula.

In the end, the very famous and fragrant Sorrento lemons, the true symbol of this beautiful land. Appeciated all over the world, they are large and juicy, and in addition to adding personality to each dish, they are also eaten here as a salad with olive oil and salt.


Homemade pasta

In Sorrento and its surroundings, pasta is homemade. Osterias, restaurants and typical eateries offer many types of homemade pasta. The most famous is Le Lagane, wide strips of pasta served with a chickpea purée, and of course, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. So delicious with tomato sauce, grated parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese, and then baked in the oven and garnished with fresh basil.


Provolone del Monaco DOP and fresh Fiordilatte

Agerola cows, native to these areas and at risk of extinction, are today a protected breed thanks to the exceptional quality of their milk. This delicious milk has been used for centuries to prepare Provolone del Monaco, a cheese used to enrich all recipes and enjoyed on grilled bread, and Fiordilatte, often mistakenly confused with buffalo mozzarella.

Fiordilatte comes from raw cow’s milk from the Agerola breed of cows and must be made within a maximum of 16 hours after milking. It has a fresh and delicate taste and is the ingredient of Pizza Margherita. It can be eaten by itself, either braided or in small balls, or cooked in delicious dishes such as Fiordilatte in Carrozza, fried with egg and bread, or as a Caprese.


Desserts: from the Delizie al Limone to the Babà

Perhaps desserts are among the most famous typical products of Sorrento and its surroundings. The Delizia al Limone, the Cannoli alla Sorrentina and the Melanzane di Cioccolato come from this area. As well as the confectionery tradition from the convents which left sweet testimonies such as the paste reali.

But that’s not all. Here you can try a delicious Torta Caprese made with almonds and chocolate, the Baba often served with Limoncello cream, the Pastiera, and even Sfogliatelle, Frolle e Lisce and the Cannoli.


Liqueurs and wines: DOC and other varieties

At the end of the meal, how about a Limoncello, Meloncello, Liquore al Cioccolato, Liquore al Pistacchio or another homemade liqueur? And we can’t forget about the wines! Sorrento and its peninsula are proud of their ancient roots. Wines were already being made here in Roman times. Over the centuries, the wine tradition of this region has evolved into quality wines, bearing the name Penisola Sorrentina DOC.

Be sure to try a sparkling red wine (Piedirosso, Aglianico), and the so-called Vino di sabato or Saturday’s wine. This is a full-bodied and native wine coming from the farms and vineyards around Vico Equense. It is mainly made according to traditional techniques. As for white wines, perfect for fish dishes are Episcopio di Ravello and Tramonti di Apicella, very fresh and delicate.