“Corto Maltese: Un viaggio straordinario” is an exhibition staged at the Archaeological Museum in Naples from April, 25th until September,09th 2019.

This exhibition is dedicated to Hugo Pratt, a famous Italian comic book creator who was known over the world for Corto Maltese, a famous series of comic adventures  named after the character Corto Maltese, an adventurous sailor.

“Corto Maltese: Un viaggio straordinario” is anunmissable exhibition composed of hundreds of designs, sketches, photographs, plans, drawings of “Corto Maltese”, a series of comic adventures named after the character Corto Maltese,  an adventurous and brillant sailor. It was created by the comic book creator Hugo Pratt. The comics of “Corto Maltese” are highly praised as some of the most beautiful and important artistic and literary graphic novels ever written in the Europe of the 21st century.

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