Ieranto Bay: Take a Tour of the Sirens’ house 

People know Ieranto As The House of Sirens and one of the most spectacular and suggestive locations in the Gulf of Sorrento.

National and international tourists consider Sorrento as the “House of Sirens.” A legend says that the house of Ulysses and the Siren is on the extreme edge of the Sorrento peninsula, namely the Ieranto Bay

The name of the bay originates from the Greek “Ieros,” which means “sacred place.” What are the characteristics of Ieranto Bay, and what is worth seeing in this evocative territory?

The Bay’s Characteristics

Ieranto Bay stretches from Nerano, a maritime village, almost to Capri. 

According to Plinio il Vecchio, Ulysses met the Sirens right in Ieranto Bay, during his return-trip from Ithaca. 

This territory is well-known also because of its ancient agricultural tradition. Indigenous farmers cultivated citruses and olives, which resulted in the characteristic terraces of olive trees. 

Saracen piracy also characterized Ieranto Bay‘s history. The five-hundred-century towers of Montalto and Campanella testify the presence of pirates in the area. In a limestone cave nearby, we also find testimony to the presence of Saracens pirates. 

What to see in Ieranto Bay?

The National Trust for Italy (Fondo Ambiente Italiano- FAI) took over Ieranto Bay. FAI did so to avoid this spectacular territory being subject to speculations. 

Since then, FAI worked on preserving and restoring the original Mediterranean scrub, from euphorbia or juniper to rosemary. 

Ieranto Bay is today a Site of EU community interests and is part of the maritime reserve of Punta Campanella

Nature lovers find their ideal place in the Bay, above all because of its biodiversity. This place is also ideal for tourists who want to try several different activities, such as birdwatching, snorkeling, kayak, or botanical walks. 

Ieranto Bay offers several different activities, but the Nerano trail is a must-doThe trail is six kilometers long. It starts right beside Villa Rosa, Norman Douglas’s house in Sorrento. Once you are on the Nerano trail, you can suddenly enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf and Capri’s Faraglioni

You later find FAI’s retreat. From there, you can easily reach Ieranto Beach through the miners’ steps. Miners built these steps at the beginning of the nineteen-hundred to reach faster the caves. By walking down those steps, you finally reach Ieranto beach. 

On small and evocative Ieranto Beach, you can spend your day. There, you can take a swim in the cleanest waters of the whole Peninsula, as the area is a protected one.