Laqua Charme & Boutique, is the perfect spot for an alternative Halloween including a visit to the city of Naples with its “dark and esoteric vision”, famous throughout the world for its beautiful scenery, crystal clear sea and warm sun.

Still today, in Italy, there are many cities associated with a certain amount of mysticism which has developed over the centuries. Bologna, Turin, Genoa and the city of Naples are perfect examples.

Behind the many artistic and architectural beauties of Naples are hidden mystical and occult signs as well as legends, ghost stories, gnomes, illustrious characters and enigmatic historical figures. All hidden among the columns, lace and frescoes of the dated 18th Century palaces of the historic city center.

There are numerous places famous for their obscure symbols; like those found on the Obelisk outside the Piazza del Gesù Nuovo or the Chiesa delle Anime Del Purgatorio ad Arco located in Via Dei Tribunali. This artistic and cultural treasure, dating back to the 17th Century, is known for the cult of the pezzentelle souls, or better yet, those souls wandering through purgatory in search of eternal peace.

In fact, in the past, there was the widespread habit of adopting a “pezzentella” soul by taking care of his or her bones. The people’s prayers would help these souls pass on to the afterlife as a way to ensure positive influence and benevolent protection.

Among the pezzentelle souls, the most famous is undoubtedly that of Lucy, whose skull has been preserved over the years with her bridal veil as the young girl died near her wedding or, according to another version, soon after in a shipwreck or, the poor thing, for being overwhelmed by a wave while waiting on a cliff her husband’s return. Her “capuzzella” is still honored with flowers, candles and written pleas.

Not less important are the esoteric symbols in the cemetary “Cimitero Delle Fontanelle Del Rione Sanità”, an ancient tuff quarry where you can see the numerous skeletons of the victims from the plague which struck the village in 1600 and drastically reduced the number of inhabitants.

Worth mentioning is also the underground in Naples. The famous Neapolitan Sottosuolo full of tunnels were created while the city was being built as tuff was removed. Over the centuries it has had several functions; from an aqueduct to a refuge used by the citizens during the wars.

Legend tells us of a munaciello or a small, mischievous but not evil spirit who would move from house to house through the passages of the cistern, taking “aim” especially at the owners of the house.

Another stop you can’t miss is the Cappella di San Severo, where you can see the city’s most famous and most mystical attraction, the Cristo Velato (Veiled Christ).

In the chapel’s cavea is perhaps the most occult and esoteric spot ever … the alchemical laboratory of the mysterious Prince Raimondo di Sangro with his anatomical machines which are visible to those visiting the chapel.

Your visit won’t certainly end here. Continue along, through the many narrow streets of Naples where, as legend has it, you can hear the cries of those citizens who have disappeared over the years. And be sure to visit the Palazzo Petrucci, Via dei Tribunali, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore and Piazza Dante, each with its own history as well as a litle something sacred, profane and artistic.

Come and live a Halloween out of the ordinary, book your stay in one of our sea view rooms and ask for more details on the tour of Naples.