Here’s the interview with Patrizia, the one who greets daily all the guests visiting the Surya Deva wellness area with a smile. This area, a standard of wellness, was created exclusively for Laqua Charme & Boutique as a core part of Cinzia & Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s project.

Where does the name Surya Deva come from?

Well-being at Laqua Charme & Boutique has been inspired by Surya Deva the Indian Deity of the Sun, the Lord of Energy and Light and he who feeds all life on Earth. The splendor of this territory, the Sorrento coast, so full of light and warm, surrounding colors … the very reasons we choose this name.

Are there any similarities with Relais & Chateaux Villa Crespi’s Chandra Deva?

Both are linked by a profound analogy, by the union of two elements and two territories so distant but complementary. Well-being at Villa Crespi was named after Chandra Deva, the Moon Goddess. And like I said before, at Laqua Charme & Boutique it was named for Surya Deva, the Sun God.

Tell us more about the Surya Deva wellness area… what does it offer?

It’ has a salt water pool heated to 34°C/94°F, an exhilarating chromotherapy shower and a Finnish sauna.

What are some of the benefits of taking a dip in the salt water tub?

For leaner and firmer skin, there’s nothing better than a dip in our pool. The tub, with its thalassotherapy salt water elements, offers an extraordinary concentration of nutrients for your body such as magnesium, zinc, sodium and potassium. All bioavailable elements, or better, all the elements may be directly assimilated by the human body through the skin’s pores.

The salt in the pool helps to rebalance you body, fight cellulite and strengthens your body’s resistance to external aggressions as well as slowing down the aging process.The pool’s salt water also helps blood and lymphatic circulation as it relieves rheumatic and muscular pains in addition to having powerful anti-stress capabilities.

Does Surya Deva Wellness Suite have a treatment area?

Of course! Small and intimate like our home. Our brochure offers exclusive massages and treatments; each one is personalized to the needs and preferences of our guests.

What kinds of oils do you use for massages or treatments?

Our maître de maison, Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo, has always had an interest in all that is natural. This is why she has chosen for us and Villa Crespi a line of products, 100% natural. We’ve got products coming from our captivating peninsula which are also in synergy with Indian plants and flowers. The perfect union and underlying principle in each single detail brings the wellness corners of Villa Crespi and Laqua together.

What is part of your guests’ wellness experience at Laqua Charme & Boutique?

Each day in our “home” we welcome guests coming from different cultures. Each single person is unique to us, just like the experience we want to offer to those coming to Laqua Charme & Boutique. So, everything is designed and personalized according to the type of guest and stay. Even those just staying overnight or for a romantic getaway can indulge in an exclusive massage or treatment. An opportunity for an unforgettable moment of pampering for your body and soul.

What are some of the luxurious massages and treatments offered on the exclusive Surya Deva Brochure?

Each massage or treatment present is designed to enrich anyone who wants to experience a lush and unique experience of well-being by offering something new and luxurious. Each treatment is designed to leave a lasting impression.

There are many massages I would recommend but “Laqua Massage” is the one you’ve just got to try! An intimate moment with yourself, full of profound sensations. The element of water is seen as a primordial element that helps to recall the protection of the womb. Your mind relaxes and your body becomes “light”.

As far as treatments are concerned, the “Ode alla Dea” facial treatment is the one. A unique and rare experience for the care and beauty of your face and head. This opulent facial treatment and massage uses antique Pompeii roses with their numerous nutritional properties, perfect for your skin and nervous system. The intense aroma of these precious roses calms and heals your nervous system.

Can you recommend anything for the well-being of couples?

Yes, of course! With Cinzia Primatesta, for our couples, we’ve designed a 2.5 hour experience … the exclusive “Surya Deva – a nook dedicated to profound well-being” which regenerates the mind and body. This lavish and intimate experience includes a selection of dried fruit and nuts, seasonal local fruit, herbal teas coming from the Sorrento peninsula and a one-hour massage for each person. Personally I recommend this experience to anyone wanting to recreate the perfect psycho-physical balance with the one he or she loves, intertwining hearts into a single, intense emotion.