Panoramic view of the Sorrento Coast

The Sorrento Peninsula in Summer

Sorrento and its Peninsula in summer are a paradise of sea, sun, good food, and thousands of wonderful fragrances this region has to offer. Whether it’s a swim or lying on the beach, an excursion to Capri or one of the many festivals, or even a walk leading to some of the most beautiful views … here are the top choices for spending an unforgettable time here along the Sorrento peninsula in summer.


A Day on the Beach

From Castellamare, the first town you come across on the Sorrento peninsula coming from Naples to the stone-filled bays of the Amalfi coast and further down towards the protected areas of the Parco del Cilento on the border with Basilicata … a stretch of tuff coastline overlooking the sea, with cliffs, ridges of Mediterranean scrub that plunge directly into the water and many small coves of pebbles protected by rock walls. Some of these are very well-known and popular, while others are waiting to be discovered. On foot, walk down the steep trails directly from the Strada Statale 163 that connects Sorrento with all the towns on the coast.

Sorrento and the Sorrentine Peninsula in summer attract both international and Italian tourists. Foreigners, especially British and Americans, in search of the splendor narrated famous by the first travelers who made these areas well-known during the days of the Grand Tour, and Italians in search of fun, good food, days on the beach, and lots of sun.

Among the most popular beaches in Sorrento are Marina Piccola, which also has a free area, and Marina Grande, which faces a fishing village very famed for the fresh fish dishes of its restaurants. Generally speaking, the beaches of Sorrento and its surroundings are stony and the less populated bays are free. We suggest you bring rubber shoes, some water and something to eat. Along the statale road, paths lead down to the beaches and small shops where you can stock up on snacks and tasty sandwiches. Try them stuffed with tomatoes and Mozzarella or with Provola cheese.


A Day Trip to Capri from Sorrento

For a summer day, a fantastic outing away from Sorrento is the Island of Capri. From the port of Sorrento, hydrofoils and ferries to Capri depart regularly. In summer, they are often very busy, so we recommend booking the return trip as well. You can also book private tours aboard one of Sorrento’s traditional boats providing various options, including aperitifs or dinner on board and romantic sunset cruises.

So what should you do once you’ve landed on Capri? There are many choices. A few must-dos include a visit to the Grotta Azzurra by boat with perhaps a stop at the famous Faraglioni, and a visit to Monte Solaro and Villa San Michele on the mountain of Capri, which can be reached by chairlift. From here, the view extends as far as Salerno. And then, the struscio” in Piazzetta, the hub of sophistication and the good life, is a must. After stopping at one of the tables in the square, you can continue to the Giardini di Augusto and Via Camerelle, Capri’s shopping street par excellence, and probably one of the streets with the highest concentration of high fashion boutiques in the world.


Punta Campanella and its Marine Park

re Monte San Costanzo è facile, basta semplicemente seguire i segnali in bianco e rosso dipinti sulle rocce. Da qui, oltre 400 m sul livello del mare, la fatica viene premiata dal panorama che permette di ammirare tutta la penisola.


The Summer Festivals of the Sorrento Peninsula

The Sagra dei Sapori Contadini in Ticciano, Vico Equense

What could be better than a real food and wine tour in the hometown of star chef Antonio Cannavacciuolo? We are talking about the Sagra dei Sapori Contadini, held every year the week before Ferragosto (August 15th) in this small village on the slopes of Monte Faito. An opportunity to discover another side of the Sorrentine peninsula, far from the summer clamor.

The festival, which often involves its most famous citizen, the celebrity Chef of Vico Equense, is a journey of flavors and dishes from the past. From the goat prepared “alla ticcianese” to the local wine, families prepare dishes with traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. All this together with music and dancing.


The Sagra del Riavulillo in Vico Equense

During the first week of August, Vico Equense also hosts the Sagra del Riavulillo Festival. The Riavulillo (little devil) is a small Caciocavallo cheese made according to local artisan methods, full of hot peppers and black olives, or with green olives and cured meats like prosciutto crudo and prosciutto cotto. Tradition has it that this caciocavallo can be enjoyed melted over an open fire directly on slices of toasted homemade bread. An authentic delicacy served with local wine, live music, and lots of fun.


Art in Sorrento in Summer – The Sorrento Festival Syart

Every year, from July to September, the enchanting location of Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento puts on the Sorrento Festival. This international event is dedicated to contemporary art. Artists from all over the world come and share their vision of life through works of art, themed exhibitions and photography, sculptures, paintings and art works.