The road unwinds as it is a fairy balcony suspended between the cobalt light blue of the Mediterranean sea and the slopes of the Vico Equense mountains, the Lattari Mountains along alternating romantic valleys and promontories between small and natural bays, caves, uncontaminated beaches and charateristic villas with beautiful terraces on the sea where are cultivated citrus fruits, vineyards and olive groves. Itís a unique place, an extraordinary blend with folk architecture who gives a rise to one of the most famous italian landscapes all over the world: the Amalfi Coast.

It has been included in UNESCOís list of World Heritage Sites list from 1997.

Amalfi is the town who gives its name to the coast. It was in the past one of the four italian Maritime Republics. In the little square of the town there is the Chathedral of Saint Andrea rich in style from Romanesque to Byzantine, from Gothic, to Baroque . Charateristic of the Chathedral are the sixty-two steps in striped marble and stone wide and steep, lead up to the doors of the Cathedral.

A few kilometers away from Amalfi there is Furore, a real open-air art gallery with its many murals. The village is fascinated thanks to the spectacular and evocative scenery of nature. In Furore there is the single Fjord of Italy. Furore is the most famous tourist destination in the hamlet.

Continuing along the coastal road there is a true country-crib, Positano which starts from the big beach ì Spiaggia Grande ì is a increasing of colorful homes. Positano is famous all over the world for its fashion and style and the charateristic architectural style of the houses. It is called ì the vertical town of Italy ì as its building are one close to the each other creating an authentich labyrinth of alleys. It is dates back to the ninth century, at time of the Romans and Saracen invasions.

Ravello stands out amongst the others for its elegance and sophistication. Its charming villas are immersed in the green of nature and create an almost surreal ambience. Well known all over the world for the Ravello Festival. The festival takes shape in the gardens of Villa Rufolo and is a romantic combining between the scenic setting with the classic music and the charming panoramic view on the coast. Going to the Ravello Festiva is a deep and intense experience.

In the Amalfi Coast there are also two medieval villages Atrani and Minori a seaside resorts where nature and culture blend together.

Praiano is an ancient and quiet fishing village, tied to craftsmanship of silk and yarn.

Vietri sul mare is well known over the world for the art of the artistic ceramics.

Maiori, Scala, Conca dei Marini, Corsara, Tramonti e Santo Egidio del Monte Albino are priceless treasures for their historical evidences and unique natural scenery in their own kind.