All over the world the Sorrentine peninsula is famous for its rich dairy tradition thanks to the productions of some of the most delicious cheese products in Italy such as the IGP Provolone del Monaco and Caciocavallo cheese.

A few years ago, however, a new dairy product has become part of this family, a delicious cheese which very much looks like Caciocavallo: the “Babè of Sorrento”.

The Bebè of Sorrento  cheese is a very tasty cow’s milk cheese with semi-cooked and spun paste, very light in color whose shape recalls a little baby child wrapped in swathing bands .

The process of preparation of this tastily cheese is very similar to the preparation of Caciocavallo Cheese but it has a different seasoning methods and a very delicate flavor.

A traditional cheese of the Sorrentine peninsula that you don’t miss out on any of the bountiful delights offered in our generous breakfast buffet.