The Blue Grotto of the Island of Capri is a natural sea cave of the Island of Capri.

The Grotto is famous all over the world thanks to the bright azzure color of the water inside the cave that is due thanks to the sunlight which enters inside the cavern through an underwater opening which islocated exactly under the cave’s mouth.

The eternal and romantic Blue Grotto of the Island of Capri was discovery by two German tourists who visited Capri in 1826: the book writer Augusto Kopisch and the painter Ernesto Fries.

It would be, according to the legend, the notary Giuseppe Pagano, who accompanied the two German tourists in the exploration of the island and would have used the name of ” Blue Grotto ” to praiese the already impressive work that nature had created.

Known by the inhabitants of Capri with the different name “Grotta di Gradola” because it was located near the old Gradola airport. It was avoided by inhabitants of Capri because according to the local myths and legends was inhabited by monsters and witches and therefore considered magical and scary.

The “Blue Grotto” is 25 meters long and 60 meters long with a high entrance less than a meter, to access the cave you have to stand out on one of the characteristics capresi rowing boat that glide through the small arch.

Once entered, it immerses itself in a suggestive scenery that leaves breathless. Initially preceded by a dark environment that slowly fuses ahead of thousands of shades of blue, thanks to the clear and almost transparent caprice waters that are reflected in its rock walls.

A romantic and imperdible visit suggested with your beloved in a tour in Capri Island during your stay at Laqua Charme & Boutique.