One of the most alluring and characteristic locations in Sorrento’s historical city center is the cloister of San Francesco, a widely popular and romantic architectural sites along the peninsula.

The magnificent structure, dating back to the 14th Century, is one of the oldest monuments in Sorrento. Found in the historic center and just meters away from the home where the famous Sorrentine poet Torquato Tasso was born, it is close to the Church with the same name dedicated to San Francesco d’Assisi and the town’s Villa Comunale.

Making this fine construction unique is its architecture and the way in which it fuses 14th Century style with those of successive periods. Inside are the remains of ancient and well-preserved pagan temples in addition to materials belonging to other ancient settlements.

This is why there are crossed tuff arches alternated with round arches resting on octagonal columns with capitals of exquisite craftsmanship.

The Cloister of San Francesco was built on the remains of a 7th Century monastery and held great importance both for Sorrento’s religious history as well as that of its administrative history. In the past, near the Cloister, between the end of the late 1400s and early 1500s, the seal of the municipal records was preserved within.

Since the early 1900s, many renovations have been carried out, making it even more romantic and characteristic.

Extremely quiet and illuminated only by the understated colors of the internal gardens, always kept and in bloom, this spot, particularly picturesque, is draped in a singularly mystical, almost magical, atmosphere.

The Franciscan Cloister hosts lovely classical music concerts and is the ideal venue to celebrate unforgettable weddings on the Sorrento Coast.

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