It’s one of the most loved desserts by local families and not only! Have a slice and you’ll be coming back for more! …  the “Torta Caprese”, a typical Sorrentine dessert, was actually made as a “mistake” by a well-known pastry chef from Capri.

Legend has it that Carmine Di Fiore, a renowned chef from Capri in the early 1920s, had to make a dessert using cocoa powder and almonds for three criminals visiting the island.

The chef wanted to amaze and win over the “gentlemen” with one of his piece de resistance, the best dessert he could prepare. So he began preparing his cake that would have been served at the end of the meal. However, only once in the oven did he realized he had left out one of the key ingredients … FLOUR.

This seemingly irreparable mistake not only would have damaged his career as a chef but his life would have also been at great risk if his mistake was to become known! Little did he know he had actually created a wonderful treat. A scrumptiously inviting cake covered with a thick layer of chocolate and lusciously moist on the inside.

From that day, this dessert became the chef’s signature dish. He started distributing it to his growing number of customers as the cake’s popularity spread rapidly along the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula… so much so that it became one of the territory’s culinary symbols.

The Caprese is basically a “poor” and simple dessert made with just a few wholesome ingredients, like butter, chocolate and almonds. Over the years different versions have evolved; an example is the “white” version which includes a very famous local ingredient … lemons.

This traditional Sorrentine dessert can always be found among the other delicious treats part of the wonderful breakfast buffet at the Laqua Charme & Boutique.