Sorrento has always been considered the “land of the Sirens”, a place to visit for many philosophers and intellectuals that were inspired by its stunning scenery from the terraces on the blue light sea but it is also the birthplace of the precious ” yellow nectar”, The Limoncello.

The Mediterranean climate of the sorrentine area is the ideal location for the cultivation of this particular lemon needed for the preparation of the right limoncello through its peels. Commonly referred to as ” Oval common femminello of Sorrento”, it has been recognized for many years now, under the trademark “IGP”. This Protected Geographical Indication. This trademark is given to all the lemons who claim that specific name and are produced in Sorrento, under specific regulation.

One of the well-known prduct iof Italy around the world, the Limoncello is extracted from the special blend of various ingredients: lemon peel, water, alcohol and sugar. The yellow wrinkled peel of these particular lemon is rich in essential oils that give it a special and typical flavor. These are the basic ingredients for the Limoncello of Sorrento, one of the most popular products of this territory, that has always claimed the exclusive on it.

Over the years the paternity of Limoncello has always been a dispute between the citizens of Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento’s and about its origin many anecdotes and urban legends have been written and told.

It has been said that it was initially produced already at the time of the Saracens, by the fishermen of the village of Marina Grande and by farmers of Sorrento as a homemade remedy against the cold in winter.

The only officially documented report about it, however, concerns Maria Antonia Farace, a woman living in Capri, that, dealing with different restaurants on the island, produced the liqueur in order to offer it to customers as a digestive at the end of meals. Later on, it was his son, Massimo Canale, that invented over the years the name “Limoncello” , starting a small artisanal production.

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