The Red Coral is located in the protected seas of the Regno di Nettuno (Kingdom of Neptune) between the islands of Ischia and Procida. It’s one of the jewels of the Campania region and is visible at a depth of 35 and 45 meters.

A magnificent spectacle of nature appearing on the surface of the Marina with bright colors, while at the bottom of the crystalline waters of Punta Pizzaco in Procida is a chromatic explosion. The expansive bay of the Marina is among the most surprising and fascinating barriers not only in Italy but throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

A wonderful example of nature’s design. The variegated sponges and sea fans with numerous specimens of mollusks and fish compliment the real jewel of the area, the red coral, whose white polyps have caught the eye of numerous photographers and diving enthusiasts.

Red coral is definitely among one of the main attractions of underwater tourism in the Campania region, an area which can boast not only for its rich natural resources but also for the suggestive remains which date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.