Campania is one of the regions able to boast a unique and unparalleled culinary history.

Undisputed queen of Neapolitan cuisine is definitely Pizza with all its variations, among which, fried pizza stands out.

The origin dates back to the post-war period. In fact, at the time, traditional round pizza in Naples had become almost a luxury. Ingredients weren’t available and above all, the wood-burning ovens had all been destroyed during the bombings to free the city. This is why the people thought about frying the dough in hot oil. The dough would puff up and when eaten, people were left with a sensation of being even more full.

Over time, fried pizza has became a typically feminine creation. Women would prepare, fry and sale the pizzas. They were sold at festivals and outside their homes in Naples.

Fried pizza is unquestionably among the culinary excellence of Naples; thanks to the popularity of street food and its characteristic preparation with salami, meatballs and provola cheese, it’s once again becoming something of a hit.

One event that stands out in Sorrento is “Tiemp bell ‘e na vota” where the owners of an old and well-known local trattoria, located in the historic city center offer passers-by the typical fried pizza accompanied by a glass of wine or beer on Christmas Eve.

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